For most people, deciding to quit smoking isn’t really a difficult decision to make. We all know that we need to quit smoking in order to improve our health, but it’s the actual action of “quitting” smoking that is the difficult part. I know, personally, I made the choice to quit smoking at least twenty different times in my life and I’m sure this is a similar case for many. I would make it a day or so, at most a week, and would give into the temptations of withdrawal and go right back to smoking. If this sounds familiar, don’t give up hope, making the switch to vaping is somewhat easier than one might expect.

The first step in making the switch, is to not put limitations on yourself. I’ve found that when I told myself I would never smoke another cigarette again, I would go back to it, smoking even more than I was before. If you tell yourself, I’m going to quit, but I’m allowed to have one now and then if I want one, the switch will be easy. You will probably find, like with many vapers, that you won’t need that one cigarette very often, if ever, because vaping satisfies your nicotine cravings like no other smoking alternative.

The first selling point to help you make the switch to vaping, is the amount of money you’ll end up saving. Over the past five years, the price of tobacco products has increased at an amazing rate, costing the consumer anywhere from $6-$12 per pack, depending on where in the nation you live; this is astronomical. My basic starter kit when I switched to vaping cost me a mere $32. With that price I got two batteries, so I always had a backup battery, two vape tanks, and a free 30ml bottle of e-liquid. That initial $32 investment lasted me a month. When the time came to get more e-liquid and cost me $7 for 30ml of “house” juice, which was custom made just for me and $19 for what is considered “premium juice”. Not a bad price for items that will last you longer than a pack of cigarettes. Once you are well into your journey as a vaper, you will notice other devices on the market that have a price tag that is slightly higher. These are mech mods and box mods, they are not geared to the first time vaper. If you are wanting to eventually continue vaping, not just using it as a means to quit smoking, this might be an avenue you want to look at in the future. But for the time around, I would recommend sticking with the basic beginner’s setup, learning how it affects you first before diving head first into the full on vape lifestyle.

Why would you choose this option over the nicotine gum or patches that are on the market? Because this actually works. That isn’t to say that those other options don’t work for some people in some cases, but most people don’t have any luck with them. One of the biggest drawbacks to the patches or gum, is that it doesn’t help with the social aspect of smoking. With vaping, you will still get that social feeling of having a smoke with a friend or co-worker. It will give you the same, or similar, experience to what you would get from taking a drag off of a cigarette. Because one thing many people don’t realize, is as much as it’s a physical addiction, it’s also a mental addiction, predicated on habits. Some might call it the oral fixation. The need to be going through your normal motions you’d be going through when smoking a cigarette. Vaping will help take care of that for you within the first two weeks.

Some of you out there might be hesitant on making the switch because you’re unsure if vaping is “healthy” for you. Sure, there are a lot of unknown factors out there when it comes to the health risk associated with vaping. Research is still being conducted to counteract all the scare tactics that are out there, strategically designed to try to keep people from vaping. What you should be looking at is this, you know cigarettes are very harmful to you, but that doesn’t stop you from smoking them. Why wouldn’t you take a chance on switching to a product being recommended as less harmful on the body by many doctors. Vaping is a smart alternative if you’re wanting to start the lengthy process of improving your health.

One other factor possibly preventing you from making the switch, is the fact people say it is just as addictive. Well yes, it is addictive. That comes from the fact there is still nicotine in the e-liquid itself. Although you will find after the first few weeks of vaping that you’re getting more nicotine than you need, so you should be lowering your nicotine level soon after starting. They were designed this way to help wean the user from their nicotine dependency. Within the first 4 months I went from 24mg of nicotine down to 3mg, eventually, you will find yourself needing no nicotine. Once you reach that point, you can make the decision to give it up all together, or continue vaping at 0mg nicotine as a hobby, which carries no risk of becoming addictive.

No one can tell you what you need to do to make the switch successfully over to vaping. Some simply don’t like the idea of having to carry a mod, atomizer, and e-liquid with them all day, while others may just see this as a passing trend. The views on vaping are very skewed, so there are many people on both sides of the fence with this topic. I can only tell you making the switch was easy for me, as it has been for millions of people worldwide. Once you’re able to come to the point of making the switch, you too will see how easy it is to maintain and kick your nicotine habit with the use of these readily available products, made particularly with you, the smoker, in mind.