Own Vaporfi Franchise on E-Liquids and Electronic CigarettesAs the vaping industry continues to grow into a multi-billion dollar mainstream endeavor, some of the biggest names in vapor are jumping into franchising to increase their market share and give vape enthusiasts an opportunity to profit from their success. VaporFi is one such company, offering franchise opportunities that allow you to sell their innovative products and liquids with low overhead and high returns.

Owning a Franchise

Many people dream of one day working for themselves and owning a business where they can sell products that they truly believe in. Unfortunately, few people are able to raise the money and resources necessary to actually launch their own businesses and be successful. Shaky market conditions can make it hard for new shop owners to really succeed. Owning a franchise offers a much easier and compact solution to this process. By buying into a brand that is already established and successful, you will benefit from the use of their name and products. You will be able to take advantage of the capital investments they have already made in terms of branding, equipment, research and development.

Franchisors really do want their franchisees to succeed, because their reputation is on the line, so they provide you with a ton of starting material and tools to work with and get you off on the right foot. As you grow, they will continue to give you support and new products to add to your line. It is a mutually beneficial agreement where you help one another to make profits, but you still have the ability to take home large paychecks because you are the owner of your franchise location.

The Products

VaporFi is dedicated to creating top quality e-liquids and e-cigarette products. We have developed high standards for source materials, including soybean glycerin and a wide range of kosher ingredients to keep our products both environmentally safe and user friendly.

In keeping with our impeccable quality standards, we have also kept our proprietary liquid mixing process in house so that we can keep a close eye on production throughout. As a company that is largely invested in the future success of the vaping industry, we have gone above and beyond to prove that our USA-based facilities are ready to meet the most stringent regulations for safety and quality.
As a franchisee, you will have the ability to provide these products to your community and share the enjoyment that they have brought to you with their myriad flavors.

The Company

VaporFi is built upon the basic tenets that have led our executive management team to success in other great businesses as well. We have taken steps to ensure that all of our franchise owners are given the best in training and materials to build a solid customer base.

The support is ongoing. VaporFi continues to make improvements and introduce new technologies, so you will have plenty of resources with which to get started. We have also taken steps to develop support for our franchisees by giving them a share of online profits from their area, helping to establish strong community relationships with shopping centers and developers to find prime locations, and more.

The Tools

One of the biggest assets of owning a franchise of any kind is having access to the technology and tools the company has already put into action. Developing a point of sale (POS) system to track and handle all of your transactions, inventory and other data is costly and time intensive. VaporFi has already built our POS system and brings it to you as a complete package. This saves you from errors in ordering and tracking sales, and gives you the necessary tools to track the products you are selling most and find areas for improvement.

For new business owners, it often takes several years to reach a fully functional POS system that includes all of the finer details of the business that they learn along the way. In this case, the work is already done for you. Since you are spending nothing on all of these major one-time investments, more money goes directly into your pocket.

The Application

The first step in opening your own franchise is going through the application process. Franchisors usually have minimum requirements that you must meet for financial stability and business management experience. Again, their reputation is on the line, so it is important that you are going to represent them well.

You can fill out an online application, and we will send you a brochure with a full list of the requirements that need to be met before you can begin. Once you have completed this step and you satisfy our criteria for franchisees, we will meet with you, provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document and help you create a detailed plan for where you will open your franchise, how you will go about it, and any training you need to complete along the way.

For more information about franchise opportunities with VaporFi, visit vaporfi.com and learn about all of the ways we are helping new business owners sell great products and make huge returns.