The entire month of October is dedicated to a single cause.

One that affects almost everyone, even if indirectly in some way. Surely, you’ve noticed how universal it is that during the 10th month of the year, we see everything through a rose-tinted lense. In case you’re not sure where I’m getting at here, it’s all about Pink. Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, which you know is a cause we take immensely serious. Every year, we are proud to support the cause in one way or another, and 2017 is no different. This time around, we are donating 10% of the proceeds from every product found HERE on our GOPINK section, to breast cancer research, including our very “pink” vape juice, Joosylicious. Joosylicious celebrates the notion of pink with it’s bubblegum, watermelon, strawberry and kiwi flavors, and is an excellent vape juice in every way. The best part? Obviously that 10% of every bottle sold will be going to a very noble cause.

GOPINK collection

Breast Cancer is a major cause for concern, and as of current statistics, 1 in 8, or roughly 12% American women will face this diagnosis at some point in their lifetimes. An estimate of 250,000 cases are expected to be diagnosed this year alone. It is seriously a disease that everyone faces in some way or another, directly or indirectly. As of this year, 3.1 million women in America have a history of breast cancer; a staggering figure in ratio to the population! In the US, death rates for breast cancer stand higher than all other types of cancer, aside from lung cancer. Other than skin cancer, breast cancer rates are the most typical cancer to be diagnosed among the American female population. As of 2017, estimates have breast cancer coming in at 30% of all newly diagnosed cancer cases for women.

Pretty sobering stats, right? This is precisely why donating to the cause is such a big deal to us. If you love women, as we so enormously do, then this cause should mean something major to you as well. When the entire population is looking towards the future, with such a dark, looming prospect ahead, it’s hard not to be scared; even wary at the most minimal. Whether it’s someone you know personally, like a family member or friend; or a celebrity such as Julia Louis Dreyfus, who just announced she is facing a diagnosis of breast cancer herself; breast cancer is a harrowing, scary disease that desperately needs to become a thing of the past.

So, what can you do to support this mission? Be educated; spread the facts as an active, engaged, and involved citizen. If you’re a woman, get screened regularly and understand how to do self-checks, and do them regularly. Take care of yourself, and do your best to avoid activities that will place you at a higher risk of developing cancer. Donate to causes, such as our own, to further how your dollars are spent in order to have a greater impact.

So let’s make a difference together. During the month of October, for every item you purchase from our GOPINK collection of products, especially our Joosylicious vape juice, 10% per qualifying product will be donated towards efforts involved in eliminating breast cancer by finding a cure. Let’s do this; GOPINK!

GOPINK collection