Calling all cloud chasers! As our industry progresses, and technology advances, we realize that technology isn’t the only thing that needs to be advancing with it. That is why we’ve decided to create a new line of premium e-liquids catered to seasoned vapers who aren’t afraid to chase clouds and climb to the top of their vape game – these are our VaporFi Max VG liquids.

What will you notice while vaping Max VG liquids? Your hits will be smoother and your vapor denser making tricking that much better! Plus, if you’re a coil master building your own coils in an RDA, this is exactly what you’ll need to take your vaping experience to the next level.

Basically Max VG e-liquid simply means there is less PG than VG inside the liquid. Each vaper has their own personal preferences, and if you’re someone seeking lots of flavor with a throat hit, you may notice you’ll still get a throat hit, but not as much as you would with our normal liquids. Max VG liquids are made for clouds and smoothness which cloud chasers seek for producing loads of vapor or nailing a trick. When your throat hit is very strong, blowing massive clouds and landing a trick can sometimes be more difficult. Most cloud chasers or trickers also use sub-ohm devices that can produce a more exaggerated throat hit making the need for higher PG liquids obsolete.

A lot of our customers vape as an alternative smoking. Sometimes, after prolonged cigarette use, you may experience breathing problems or tightness in your chest. This isn’t the case for all ex-smokers, but if you are in the few that experienced this as a result of smoking or previous breathing problems, a Max VG liquid may make vaping a lot more pleasant as it can reduce that sensation you feel in your chest from PG. And it’s not all that rare to have an intolerance to PG just as someone may have an intolerance to gluten or lactose – those with a PG intolerance may notice a smoother vaping experience by switching to Max VG as well.

When you venture into vaping, just trying to get off the stinkies, you find a lot more 50/50 liquid because it works better in simple tanks and provides better flavor in those systems. That’s because PG carries the flavor better, and when your tank is already muting the flavor you need the help. Plus, the extra PG provides that throat hit which some ex-smokers desire, especially in those beginner setups we have specifically for making the switch. As we mentioned before, our industry is evolving, and sub-ohm devices have taken our industry by storm – which is a great thing! They are incredible devices! And with that, you simply just don’t need as much PG in your liquids as before. We’ve been rolling out new sub-ohm devices, so it’s time to provide you with liquids that work most efficiently in these devices!

As with all of our e-liquids, our VaporFi Max VG Liquids are 100% USA made in FDA registered labs because we want you to know exactly what you’re getting. They are Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl free using top-rated Nicotine and Glycerin with Kosher Grade ingredients and child-proof bottles. Experience an elevated vape with our brand new VaporFi Max VG e-liquids! Find them here!