Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 11.26.23 PMIf you’ve been to one of our locations in the state of Florida, you know how awesome shopping at VaporFi can be. We’ve got the raddest scene in our stores; shelves stocked with all of our vaporizers and accessories; staff that is comprised of vaping aficionados who happen to also be VaporFi experts; and the incomparable e-liquid tasting bar, loaded with all of our flavors, ready for custom blending! Suffice it to say, our locations are a vaper’s dream come true!

However, until now if you wanted to hit up one of our stores you had to be in Florida. Lucky for you, though we are on the move, and are expanding beyond the Sunshine state. This expansion means we will be opening locations all over the US and even abroad. In fact, VaporFi’s Panama location, our very first international store has just opened!

When you step into a VaporFi location, it’s more than just stopping in and grabbing some of our e-liquid or a new vape pen and heading out the door. It’s a sight to see, a sensory experience to the fullest extent. You have the ability to get up close and personal with our different product lines. You can feast your eyes on all of our vaporizers, examine every part of their design, see exactly how they work, and literally, physically get a feel for them in action. You can have a seat at the e-liquid bar and scope out how the expert “vapetenders” handle their craft. If there is a flavor you have mind, you can sample it, and you can stock up on custom blends, mixed right before you! In essence, everything you love our products and services is right there, in the flesh, awaiting you in our locations. Instant gratification and total vaping satisfaction are what it’s about; see why these shops are in such serious demand?

VaporFi locations are getting hotter than ever and if there isn’t one in your area, keep an eye out because chances are in the future there will be! If you live in Panama or will be traveling there sometime soon, be sure to check out our newest location there in paradise!