memorial day VaporFiWe are one week out from Memorial Day, people! This day of honor gets celebrated in all types of ways, and across the US, people will be happy just to have the day off, however they spend it. For those in the Northeast, this day heralds summer as having officially begun! For many others it’s a much-needed three-day weekend to let loose and unwind. Plenty of peeps will be jetting off to places exciting, because a 3-day weekend is a perfectly good call to get out of town. For vapers, all of the above may be in play, however like any holiday, it’s just another excuse to party with your vape out! Besides, what is a holiday without vaping? Yeah, just an ordinary day! So, we invite you to get shopping to grab all those must-haves like a high-powered vaporizer that can handle extensive usage, party flavors like Mojito, Pina Colada, and Bahama Breeze, and any other essentials to add some spice to your weekend!

So, why does vaping on Memorial Day rock? Because any party is made better with vapor! Hitting a pool party or big barbeque bash? Bring your vaporizer. Beach party or shindig in the sand? Your vapor will taste better in the great outdoors. Clubbing the weekend away in South Beach? We get it all the way, (that’s home sweet home for us, after all!) so your pen, a handy lanyard, perhaps a vape storage case, and some party-themed e-liquids will make the good times all the better.

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So it’s on! Get ready for some excitement come Memorial Day weekend!