11410696_898625556874145_1933963297_nWanna look your best and strut your #VapePride everywhere you go? Wanna show the world just how dope your style is, while representing the hottest vapor brand out there? Get yourself one of our newest t-shirts to flaunt your love of VaporFi. It was a long time coming; our fans are pretty vocal, and after many requests, we made it a reality. VaporFi T-shirts are here to take your style to the next level – you’re gonna need one!

And, because we’re all about gender equality, you bet there are styles for the gals as well as the guys… we wouldn’t want anyone feeling left out of the #VapeStyle party, you know?

There are three different options to choose from: one super hot, black unisex tee, featuring the seductive silhouette of a vaping, cloud-blowing lass, known as the #GirlsWhoVape tee. For the guys, our Men’s’ Vape Cloud tee is sure to hit heavy rotation in your wardrobe. If you’ve been searching for the perfect tee, that fits the bill of being both super comfortable, and super stylish, this one comes with the bonus of boasting your vape lifestyle. It’s a total must-have! For the ladies, our simple yet straightforward, Women’s Vape Cloud tee, is the ultimate little basic tee, with a message that’s anything other than basic: #vapelife is the only life! Pair this top with jeans to dress it down, or with heels and a sexy mini to wear it out on the town; it’s sure to become an instant wardrobe staple!

Style is a big deal; we get it. And we also know how proud to vape most vapers are. And who doesn’t love wearing clothes that reflect their lifestyle? Our t-shirts are made of super-soft, ultra-comfy 100% cotton, with and incredibly relaxed fit. So when wearing them, they’ll not only proudly display your vaper status, they’ll probably become your most comfortable digs to don!