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e-cigarette reviewsSo you’re looking around for some reputable feedback on e-cigarettes and vaporizers. You browse, you research, and are finding it really difficult to find exactly the kind of info you want. You know, in depth, first-hand, with actual deets on how specific products work. You aren’t the only one.

In the e-cigarette market, it can really be tricky to find accurate and informative reviews that actually give you some insight. We know this, and we know when browsing you are going to want those first hand experiences, so on our website, nearly all of our products feature first-hand accounts from actual customers about each and every item. So, if you want to know about other user’s experiences specifically with the Pro, the Air, the Vox, or just about anything else, the reviews are right there. Also included sometimes is feedback directly from us, so you get to peek in on that dialogue. And, this stuff really makes the buying experience awesome because you are more likely to know what you’re getting into vs. chancing it on products you have heard nothing about.

So, how do you know these VaporFi reviews are “real?” Well, we give our customers great incentives to take the time to leave reviews. If you are a customer and haven’t participated, you really should get down to business! By simply being a customer, you are entered into our rewards program, VaporFi Rewards and this earns you points, (which translate to dollar$) for all of your purchases, for the reviews you leave, posts you share on Facebook, and when you have a birthday. These points add up and get you mad money saving goodness to spend with us in the future.

These real-life accounts are pretty awesome because we love hearing about how things are working for you, as it helps us fix errors, see where things are excelling, and where improvements need to be made. They’re also pretty priceless for curious customers because they are a window into the performance and what they can expect.

So, as a customer, after you’ve used one of our products, would you be inclined to leave a review about the item and your experience if you know you’re going to see some kind of incentive? And, if you find yourself among those looking for some experiences from those who’ve used certain things, we are pleased to offer them up right here!

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