Vape Rights VaporFiAs you are probably aware, the electronic cigarette industry is growing at a super fast pace. If you are reading this right now, it’s probably because you are in one way or another affiliated with this awesome industry. And, as someone who has been affected by e-cigarettes, you know that along with all the positives, there have also been some growing pains and the ever-constant bark of regulations. So, as a vaper, are you in the know about what your rights are and are not? Is your voice being heard? Are aware that you have the right to voice your thoughts, opinions, and objections?

There is a boatload of misinformation around, from studies being published on major news sites to those being reported on television. That is not to say all the info out there is wrong; it’s just that there is a lot of varied info, often mixed reports, and a whole lotta skewered stories.

Currently, the FDA is running a series of workshops on e-cigarettes, and they are taking into account what you, the vaping community has to say. They ran the first of these workshops back in December 2014, and the majority of those presenting were consumer representatives, and not experts. As you can figure, these are not the best examples of the experience of the industry, and certainly not the most “expert” voices.

Because the e-cigarette industry is comprised of people from all walks of life, from all different backgrounds, who use all different products, and cover many different areas of the market; ranging from modders to beginners, single shop owners to franchisees, manufacturers to DIY-ers, there is a need for voices from all corners. If the FDA needs “expert” voices, there are none better than the experts who live and breathe this movement on the daily; US!

So, in this light, the CASAA, or Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association is collecting examples from those with firsthand knowledge, experience, and expertise. Please have a look at their blog post on the subject, have a vape and get inspired to put into word what you gotta say, because we are at a pivotal moment regarding regulations, and real life experiences are imperative. If you are wanting your voice to be heard on this massively important platform, now is the chance to make it happen. The deadline for submissions is April 15, 2015.