Did you know that by choosing vaping over traditional cigarette smoking you are having a positive impact on the earth?

When you vape, there are a variety of ways you are helping the planet's environment, and it really is an added benefit to choosing these amazing alternatives. You may think it’s a really far-out thought that just by choosing e-liquid over tobacco you are choosing the greener option, but in actuality, you are!

Electronic smoking allows you to lessen your footprint in several ways, especially in regards to trash. Cigarette butts are the single most littered items in the world, literally, trillions of them are polluted every year, and their damage is long term. Not only do cigarette butts take around 12 years to break down as much as possible they also are loaded with thousands of toxic chemicals that leach into the environment as the butts break apart. Those toxins remain and do not just magically disappear, seeping into the environment, waterways, and the ground.

When cigarette butts do (responsibly) make it into designated trash receptacles, their ultimate fate is in landfills, which are overloaded as it is. A single butt is one thing; however trillions equate to mountains of trash; approximately 2 billion pounds of them are disposed of annually!

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Eco-friendly advanced vaporizers and electronic cigarettes drastically cut down on the amount of trash because the products are designed for continuous use, and there is not a constant production of trash. Of course, trash is generated, but it is much more limited on a very minute scale. Another aspect that adds to their earth-friendliness is that the parts of e-cigarettes are made of plastic and metal, which have the ability to be recycled.

So, what can you do to personally to avoid being a part of the continuous treadmill of earth-trashing garbage? Make the switch to alternative cigarettes. E-cigarettes that use cartridges go much farther than the traditional cigarette packs of 20. Imagine one cartridge goes about the same distance as 2 packs of cigarettes, or 40 cigarettes, reducing waste in that manner. AVP’s, which get filled with liquids for use, go very far in eliminating continuous waste because tanks are highly reusable, having a very long life.

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