Just days ago, Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election and already there are deep and legitimate concerns about the future of vaping and the vaping industry under his administration.

On the other hand, there are also a number of factors concerning a Trump presidency that actually may be positive for vapers across the board. Let’s take a look at some of these pros and cons.

No Stance

As with many other issues, Donald Trump has no known position on personal vaporizers.

In the past, he has made anti-smoking remarks, but who knows whether he considers vape as bad as cigarettes, or a safer alternative?

The fact that he is going into his presidency with little to no hard stance on the issue means that the vape community may be able to educate him before he makes any decisions on the matter.

His Cabinet

It can hardly be ignored that vice president-elect Mike Pence recently made a statement that he does not believe cigarettes cause cancer. Meanwhile, the billionaire president-elect is more than a little familiar with the big money lobbyists and tobacco company executives that populate the super-rich class of Americans to which he pertains.

There is reason to believe that Trump will take steps to scale back many forms of existing tobacco legislation, which includes the latest round of vape rules packaged in the FDA’s tobacco bill.

Legalized Marijuana

Another important piece of Trump’s presidency will surely be the number of states that have legalized marijuana this year and in the past. As more states are offering legal marijuana, it is almost nonsensical that Trump would target vapor products as being unsafe given the general attitude toward marijuana.


In the end, it is hard to make any definitive statements about Trump and vape products this early in the game. The reality is that it may take a while before vaping ever makes it onto his radar.

He clearly has other priorities, but this may be the one time that being lumped together with traditional tobacco products could help walk back some of the most recent legislation. Time will tell and we, at VaporFi, will – as always – keep ourselves and our valued customers well informed about the latest news in the vape world and how any changes will affect all of us.