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Digital Cigarettes from VaporFi

Digital Cigarettes for the Modern Smoker

Sleek, ultra-modern electronic cigs provide the best smokeless alternative to outdated tobacco and first generation e-cigarettes

We live in a digital age.

Not long ago, the gadgets and gizmos that we now use on a regular basis didn’t even exist, or they looked much different than today’s technology. From beepers to smartphones, typewriters to laptops, and Model T’s to driverless cars—many of these devices don’t even resemble their predecessors much anymore.

Yet when it comes to smoking, many people are still lighting up with the exact same cigarettes that their parents smoked…and their grandparents before that. In many respects, we have advanced far past the technology that previous generations had access to—gone are the days when people used typewriters, watched movies in black and white, and cranked up the jukebox to boogie to their favorite Elvis song.

So why have cigarettes virtually remained the same for decades? Well, mostly because a viable alternative hadn’t been invented—until recently.


Digital E-Cigs for the Modern Smoker

Smoking a traditional or “analog” cigarette is pretty straightforward: you light the end, burn the tobacco and breathe in the nicotine-laced smoke (in addition to thousands of toxic chemicals). There’s nothing “technological” about it.

Smokeless e-cigs from VaporFi, on the other hand, are also straightforward, but the difference is they are built using the latest and greatest vapor technology. The end result is an unmatched smoking experience unlike any other in history.

Here’s how it works:

  • The battery is the main power source for the digital e-cig and works in close conjunction with the atomizer, cartomizer and our high-performance custom e-liquids. When the user puffs on the e-cig, the battery sends a charge of power to the atomizer and cartomizer, which triggers the heating coil and vaporizes the nicotine liquid.
  • As a result, luscious, flavor-filled, nicotine-carrying vapor is created and breathed in by the user when they take a drag.
  • The nicotine and flavors are absorbed by the body, so all that comes out when you exhale is harmless, odorless leftover water vapor.

Electronic cigs are the perfect fusion of both function and design, revolutionizing how smokers enjoy their nicotine.

New to Digital Cigs?

If you are interested in trying electronic cigarettes out for yourself for the first time, we encourage you to check out our e-cig starter kits. These fully-equipped kits come packed with the best technology on the market and give you everything you need to go digital.

As an added feature, all VaporFi electronic cigs come with the option of creating custom e-cig blends. You can choose from over 30,000 popular flavors combinations and select your preferred nicotine level. Choices range from bold (3.6% nicotine) to no nicotine.

For the experienced digital e-cig user who is looking for an upgrade, we’ve got you covered too with our advanced, powerful smokeless technology. From larger tank capacity to optimum battery power to customizing vapor production, each of our devices comes loaded with cutting edge features that give you greater control over your vapor smoking experience.

We’re living in a digital age now. It’s high time we put the days of analog cigarettes in our rearview mirror and embrace a new kind of smoking—one that in ten years will make tobacco smoking seem as archaic as the typewriter and the beeper.

Go digital today by trying electronic cigs from VaporFi! And browse our digital e-cig blog and learning center for the latest news, tips and tricks and much more!

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