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Electronic Vapor Smoking

Electronic Vapor Smoking
Electronic Vapor Smoking

Come up with your own secret recipe for the perfect electric cigarette experience through VaporFi's unique custom flavor options

What does vapor smoking mean to you? If you asked this question to a hundred electric cigarette users, you'd probably get ninety different answers.

To some e-smokers, vaping means the freedom to smoke when and where you want. For others, going smokeless with e-cigs offers an opportunity to finally succeed in getting rid of a bad habit. Or perhaps because of friends or family members. Still, other e-smokers might say they vape because of the many delicious flavors and blends.

There are lots of unique reasons why e-smokers enjoy this evolving technology, and all are equally valid. One of the most prevalent explanations though is the ability to enjoy the act smoking without the toxic smoke.


Seeing Through the Smoke

Thanks to anti-smoking commercials and campaigns, the dangers of smoking have become so widely advertised these days that it's almost lost its meaning. But truth is frightening when you really stop to think about it.

For starters, consider that smoking means walking around with an open flame inches from your face several times a day. And then there's the smoke itself—toxic, poisonous and cancer-causing gas that contains literally thousands of noxious chemicals. It kind of makes you wonder how cigarettes got so popular in the first place.

Over 16 million Americans suffer from a disease caused by smoking, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Fortunately, smoking—along with the diseases it causes—is in decline as better alternatives become more widely known.

Electric Cigarettes: Zero Smoke, Thousands of Flavors

Don't be fooled by common phrases used to describe the action of vaping, such as “electronic smoking,” “vapor smoking” or “e-smoking.” While the white cloud puff exhaled by vapers may look like smoke, in fact its only water vapor.

However, before you start thinking that water vapor won't taste the same as smoking traditional cigarettes, we encourage you to give our superior electric cigs a try. With a high quality device and the right e-liquid, you can easily enjoy vaping as much as you enjoy smoking cigarettes – if not more.

In fact, the only thing less about electric cigarettes is the smoke.

Unlike regular cigarettes where you can choose between just a handful of tobacco flavors (Bold or Red or Menthol), with electric cigarettes you can e-smoke with literally thousands of rich and delicious blends—everything from Classic Tobacco and Menthol flavors to the more exotic Dessert and Fruit-infused e-liquids, among others.

Whatever your reasons are for using electric cigarettes, make sure you are experiencing all of the benefits of vapor smoking by browsing our collection of high quality, advanced electronic vapor smoking devices and pure, American-made eliquids.

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