WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Box MOD Starter Kits

VaporFi’s collection of starter kits and vape mods is here to help new and advanced vapers alike with all of their vaping needs. Our wide range of vape brands, mods, starter kits, and box mods is here to push your vape pen or rig to the next level with customizable options you can’t find in any regular vape shop. With box mod and pod kits to help with temperature control, battery life, and options for variable wattage and cloud power, make your next vape device unstoppable with VaporFi. Explore an assortment of vape juice, internal batteries, box mod vapes, and more to find the perfect setup in any style, size, and flavors you want. We ask all vapers to remember: vaping has been evaluated by the food and drug administration as a health risk, and you should always make sure to keep your vapes out of the reach of children.

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Set Descending Direction

The search for your first MOD can be overwhelming, especially with the wide range of mechanical vape MODs on the market today. And when you’re new to the box MOD game, sorting out cheaply-made imitations from high-quality products is tough. But at VaporFi, we carry a selection of box MODs that you can trust. You can confidently browse our box starter kits without any worry of encountering a dud. Instead, you can feel confident and excited about your new purchase.

Choose from Many Types of Box MOD Kits

A major benefit of shopping with VaporFi is that we offer a range of options all in one place. Whether you are a beginning vaper who is just getting started, one who has a bit more experience, or an advanced vaper with plenty of time under your belt, you can find the best box MOD kit for you.

For those that are new to box MODS, the VaporFi VOX® 40 TC Starter Kit Bundle is a great starting point. It has everything you need to get started, and it is specifically designed to be user-friendly. Being one of our original brand products, it also has a number of awesome features that with catch your eye. High wattage and temperature capabilities are available on whichever resistance level you choose, and intelligently-designed venting holes add a layer of safety. The kit offers a choice of industry-favorite sub ohm tanks, including the VaporFi Volt 2, Rocket 3, or Vibe. Add in a premium silicone case and a custom-blended vape juice, and you’re all set.

On the other end of the spectrum, our advanced box kits are equally impressive. A customer favorite is the VaporFi VAIO™ 75 TC Starter Kit Bundle, which wasthoughtfully designed to provide you with everything you need to take your vape to the next level. The VaporFi VAIO MOD has an internal tank that fits the needs of both direct to lunch and mouth to lung vapers, and you can pair it with both temperature control and variable wattage atomizers.

If you aren't sure which of these options are best for you, choosing a starter kit bundle that aligns with your experience level is a smart way to ensure an excellent vaping experience. If you have only been vaping for a few months, we recommend buying the VaporFi VOX kit. If you've been a vaper for over a year, we suggest going with the VaporFi VAIO kit.

Our Top Brands

At VaporFi, we take pride in being very picky about the brands we choose to stock. Why? Because our commitment to our customers means that we only agree to offer them the very best. Big names like SMOK, Tesla, Innokin, and Joyetech are included in our lineup, each one bringing industry experience and quality products to the table. Plus, we proudly offer several box MOD kits by our very own VaporFi brand, which has become a top choice for our customers. Our insider knowledge of the vaping industry has allowed us to develop products that truly meet the needs of customers, and we enjoy staying one step ahead in terms of innovative features.

Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Box MOD Kit

Taking a bit of time to do some research on our available box MOD kits can help you learn a lot about the different features you may or may not like, and lead you to narrowing down your choices. Get in touch with your local vaping community, whether that just means chatting with friends or clicking around a few forums. There, you can find some great tips for finding a good MOD kit.

Getting the Best Deal on Vape Mods for Sale

One of the best ways to maximize your value when shopping for a box MOD is to consider purchasing a bundle. When you add up the cost of the individual elements included in a VaporFi bundle and compare it to the bundle price, you will be amazed at the bargain you are getting.

Plus, buying a kit means that VaporFi does all the legwork for you – including hunting down the best pieces and parts for your perfect vape experience.

VaporFi: Your First and Last Stop for Vape MOD Starter Kits

On top of the high-quality promise we offer with all of our products, there are many other reasons VaporFi should be your online vape shop of choice. You can enjoy trying our products with absolutely zero risk, because our 30-day money back guarantee and product warranties protect your investment. If you aren’t happy with your new starter kit, then we will happily refund you. Our dedicated customer support team is always here to answer your questions and help you shop our excellent selection of box MOD bundles – so start browsing today!