WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Storage & Long Term Care

Now that you're well-versed in choosing the right e-liquid for your vaping needs, it's crucial to understand how to store vape juice properly for safety and quality. You've found your favorite juice and stocked up - but how long is vape juice good for? Let's delve into the best practices to keep you, your family, and your e-liquids safe. 

The Axis of Evil: Vape Juice Storage

Protecting your e-liquids from the three forces of evil: light, heat, and air, is vital. These elements can negatively impact the longevity and quality of your e-liquids. Understanding their role in the degradation process is essential to prevent your vape juice from going bad.

We'll begin by looking at heat and light. Both heat and light enter your e-liquid and cause the molecules to gain energy. As the molecules heat up and begin moving faster, they begin to react with one another to form new chemical bonds. This can fundamentally change the chemical composition of your e-liquid, causing both the flavor and the color to change unpredictably.

More importantly, once this process has begun there is no way to undo the change. You can't just "re-mix" the liquid and cause all of the molecules to fall back into place because they have changed form.

In addition to the effects of heat and light, air poses a different kind of risk. A combination of air and light in your e-liquids will cause oxidation, which again affects the chemical bonds within the liquid. Air in particular can degrade the nicotine content of your e-liquid to the point where there is almost no nicotine left. You can still vape the liquid but you won't be getting the same effects of the nicotine. 

How to Store Your E-Liquid

The best practice for e-liquid storage is keeping them in a cool, dark place. A cabinet away from sunlight and heat sources is ideal. Regularly shaking the e-liquids ensures the ingredients remain well mixed. 

There is a lot to be said about different styles of e-liquid bottles. The truth is that plastic is considered permeable and even high-quality plastics still allow some air to pass through the bottle. Thus, it is best to find small glass bottles to store your liquids in if you don't have some already.

However, "small" is the important part. You don't want to dump your liquid into a large glass container where there will be tons of head room as you use the liquid as this will simply leave plenty of room for air to sit on top of your liquid. Instead, if you're buying liquids in 60-milliliter bottles or larger, many people recommend transferring them to smaller glass bottles and keeping them tightly sealed. This will keep any air from being introduced into the bottle until you are ready to use the whole thing. You should always make sure that your bottles are well sealed. 

You may have heard some people talking about storing their liquids in the refrigerator or freezer. The thought is that the fridge or freezer is both cool and dark and will keep your liquids safe from heat and light. However, there are a few other things to consider when doing this.

The first thing to know is that the different chemicals within your liquid freeze at different temperatures. Making your liquids too cold could cause the same kind of damage as allowing them to get too hot because the ingredients will begin to separate.

Second, you cannot vape juice that has been cooled below room temperature because it thickens, and that changes how it functions in your device. If you keep your liquid in the fridge you will have to leave it out to warm back up before you can use it.

Finally, while PG has anti-microbial properties, the other chemicals in your juice are still susceptible to degradation caused by bacteria in the air. Refrigerators tend to be a hotspot for bacteria to accumulate, which could inadvertently contaminate your liquids.

Vape Juice Safety

 Nicotine is especially harmful to pets and children. While the FDA and other governmental organizations have put strict regulations in place about the use of child safety caps and warnings, it is not enough to depend on these things to protect your family. For this reason your e-liquids should always be stored in a location that is out of reach of children and pets.

Remember, if you are storing your liquids in small plastic bottles or bottles with rubber droppers, animals can chew through them. The regulations used to determine whether something is child-resistant are simply that a child cannot open them immediately if left unsupervised. That doesn't mean that they won't be able to open them within a few minutes if you give them time to figure it out. It's better to just play it safe and keep your vape liquid bottles out of their hands entirely.  In addition, make sure that your e-liquids are stored away from other consumables in your kitchen. Don't put your liquids on a spice rack where they could get confused with things like vanilla and almond extracts.

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Final Thoughts

Once you understand how different outside factors can impact the quality of your vape juice, you will be able to store and save your liquids safely. If you have had a liquid in storage for a while and you discover that the flavor has changed dramatically since the last time you used it, it is best to just throw it away. On another note, many liquids will begin to change color over time as the liquid steeps. Color change alone is not usually enough to indicate that the liquid has gone bad. If the liquid appears slightly darker or more yellow than last time you picked it up, it may still be okay. Just give it a small test run before you fill up your tank to be sure.

We hope that you've enjoyed this guide to all things vape juice!

In part one, we talked about all of the different kinds of vape juices available today and how to select a flavor that is appropriate for your vaping journey. Next, we delved into nicotine and looked at how to choose an appropriate nicotine level to vape with and how to manage your nicotine levels over time.

This last part is all about safety and how to keep your liquids from degrading over time. The better care you take of your liquids, the more enjoyment you will get out of each bottle and the more money you will save in the long run. Vaping becomes a lot less cost effective if you are regularly throwing away bottles because the juice has gone bad. Always make sure that your liquids are safe from children and pets, and don't assume that a child-resistant cap is enough to protect them from opening the bottle if left unsupervised. 

Here at VaporFi, we have a giant selection of top quality e-liquids for any vaper. Our team has the expertise you need to discover the right devices and liquids for your lifestyle. We're always here to help and to answer any questions about nicotine, storage, and devices. We invite you to read up on our flavors from vapers just like you who have taken time to review our products online.