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Using Your E-Juice

At first, it’s easy to think of vaping as something very simple – and it can be, especially when you understand how to use vape juice. After all, convenience is one of the big reasons people are drawn to vaping. Look deeper, though, and you’ll realize it’s a hobby that can be as sophisticated as you want it to be. You can learn more about the juice, techniques, and vapes for a totally personalized experience. And it’s still quicker and easier than conventional smokeables.

Using Vape Juice Guide

If you’ve been reading our guide so far, you’ve already picked up some great facts about finding the right vape juice for you. You even learned some techniques for blowing the perfect vapor cloud. Now, it’s time to cover the fundamentals: How to go about vaping. Vaping takes a little practice, but you can really make a difference in quality if you know the proper techniques.

The core of an optimal experience is understanding your device, so let’s start with how to handle it.

How to Refill Your Vape with Juice

VaporFi offers a number of different vape devices, and each tank has its own nuances. That’s because all our vapes are engineered with quality in mind, designed from the ground up to provide the best experience in every situation. That said, it’s easy to understand how to refill vape juice.

In the beginning, everyone's a little bit worried about wasting e-juice. Naturally, you want to be careful – there’s nothing worse than spilling a whole cartridge! Rest assured, though, that this almost never happens. Once you have the knack, it’s an elegant process.

Do the Prep Work

Before you fill your tank, you want to be sure the battery is completely unscrewed. Get it off the tank and out of harm’s way. The danger from saturating your battery is minimal, but you still want to avoid it. If the battery gets doused, it will probably stop working and need replacement.

Inspect the Tank

Your vape tank is built to last for a while, but you should still give it a once over every time you do a refill. First, remove the plastic cap. Some models will have a rubber ring just beneath that, so pull that out as well. Then, take a close look at the wicks. What you’re looking for here is burn marks around the wicks. If you see them, replace the tank.

Do the Refill

The fastest and easiest way to perform a refill is by dripping the liquid in. All you have to do is start with the tank at a slight angle. Drip the juice in one little drop at a time to prevent spillage.

You’ll get between 25 and 30 drops in most cases. Sure, there are fancy ways to perform refills, but this is the practical path!

One last note: Try not to fill beyond 75 percent of the tank capacity. Once you get to that point, it’s much more likely you’ll lose some of your juice. Once you’re full, all you have to do is restore the rubber ring, plastic cap, and finally the battery.

This process assumes that you’re refilling your tank when it has run empty of e-liquid. If you are going to change out your tank in the middle of an e-liquid dose, then you should take steps to get rid of “ghost flavors.” Check our section on vape juice to learn more about that.

Avoiding Dry Hits

If you don’t know what a dry hit feels like, count yourself lucky. It’s the bane of many a vaper’s existence, and almost everyone has encountered it at least once. A dry hit usually happens when your cartomizer has run completely dry and there’s no juice to vape. It can also happen when there are other mechanical problems with your device.

A dry hit has been compared to a tire fire in your mouth – or what happens to cartoon characters when they take a long drink of hot sand from that oasis mirage they just found in the desert. It’s a distinctive experience that usually includes a sour taste and a bad burn.

When you get a dry hit, your cartridge is the obvious culprit.

Still, there are a few other things you should know:

Check Your Coil

If your tank isn’t empty, the first thing you should look at is your coil. A coil is meant to last one or two weeks. If you are a very light vaper, they may consistently last two weeks or a little longer. If you use your vape all the time, expect your coil to wear down more quickly. In fact, several different factors influence coil life:

  • The power settings of your vape

  • Electrical properties of the vape

  • The kind of vape liquid you use

All in all, only hardcore cloud chasers will get into the deep details of “sub-ohm” vaping and other advanced techniques, so don’t worry about the mechanics behind coil lifespan. If you use the same setup regularly, you’ll get a sense of how long your coils will run for.

Running on Empty

A tank doesn’t have to be completely empty to give you a dry hit. Remember, your tank will operate at its best around the 75 percent fill mark. If you fill more than this, you run a risk of flooding. Get into the habit of refilling at least once a day. Don’t tempt the fates by vaping on fumes.

Prime the Coil

If you’re refilling your tank, the best thing to do is give your vape a few minutes to breathe first. A delay of about five minutes makes a big difference in how well your device performs. This gives the cotton time to absorb the e-liquid so that it’s delivered correctly every time. Vape liquids with a high VG ratio take a little longer to settle in, so keep that in mind, too.

Be Careful of Power Vaping

Lots of people have experimented with their vape devices, trying to push the envelope on what they can do. This usually involves making technical adjustments to get more electrical power from the battery into the device. It can even include manual changes like making the air holes bigger.

While some professional vapers have the skills and knowledge to do this safely, those who aren’t engineers should think twice. Running too much power through your vape makes you go through juice more quickly. Plus, it can cause components in your vape to overheat.

In a worst case scenario, you could have an accident on your hands much worse than a dry hit.

Avoid Chain Vaping

“Chain vaping” means taking rapid, short puffs in succession. Especially when migrating from traditional smoking, many people use this familiar technique – expecting it to give them a stronger throat and head hit. When it comes to vaping, though, things are a little bit different. Chain vaping can work once in a while, but it often ends in a sudden dry hit! No matter who you are, the best way to enjoy vaping is usually to slow down and truly savor it.

Watch the Airflow

Your VaporFi device has been painstakingly developed for optimal airflow – and some of our devices even come with adjustable airflow for a custom experience. While more airflow keeps your device cool and is generally better, there can be some complications. For example, if you vape with your device’s air holes completely open, you can find that your wick dries out fast. Adjusting or covering up some air holes can prolong your enjoyment. Plus, doing so will make the dreaded dry hit much less likely.

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Staying Hydrated!

What’s the deal with vape dehydration?

Don’t worry: Vaping won’t suck the water right out of you. What many people realize when they start to vape, however, is that they simply don’t get enough fluids in the first place. Add vaping onto that and effects of dehydration can become more noticeable. Since dehydration can be a widespread problem, though, it’s important to be alert to the signs:

  • Yellow or dark yellow urine (the darker, the more serious the dehydration may be);

  • Feelings of fatigue and lethargy that come on when they usually wouldn’t;

  • Dry mouth or dry, chapped lips related to low levels of saliva production.

In general, e-liquids that use propylene glycol (PG) are more likely to cause symptoms of dehydration than those using vegetable glycerin (VG). This is because the molecular makeup of PG makes it more prone to draw water out of your saliva and the surrounding soft tissue.

Note that, if you’re vaping as a “cloud chaser” – trying to make the biggest clouds for fun or for profit – then you should usually use VG-based e-liquid. VG liquid is simply better for producing large amounts of vapor, and easier to use if you are going to intentionally puff very rapidly.

No matter who you are or how much you vape, you want to avoid dehydration. It makes your body less efficient, and dry mouth can cause a slew of issues on its own – for example, tooth decay and halitosis. Not cool, especially since many vapers feel their breath improves when they switch from conventional smokeables to today’s cutting-edge vape mods.

Although it can be pesky in practice, there’s no mystery to avoiding dehydration: Simply make sure that you drink more fluids, especially water. Especially be sure that you take a drink if you notice any of the symptoms of dehydration. By the time you’re feeling thirsty, it’s already started!

Avoid combining heavy vaping with activities that deplete your body’s water reserves:

  • Athletics, especially high-impact aerobic exercise and anything performed in the heat;

  • Drinking, since alcoholic beverages already stimulate dehydration in their own ways;

  • Any period of prolonged fasting, such as a long car trip with limited beverages.

It’s simple: Listen to your body and always practice smart hydration habits!

Which Style to Use: Mouth-to-Lung or Direct-to-Lung

Did you know there are two distinct styles of vaping with their own benefits? It’s true! Most people are familiar with mouth-to-lung vaping because that’s how old-fashioned smokeable products are used. You’ll also find this referred to as M2L or MTL in the hip vaping world.

There’s also direct-to-lung vaping, which is called D2L or DTL. Pretty cool, huh?

Mouth-to-Lung (MTL)

With MTL, you inhale the vapor into your mouth and wait a moment for it to collect fully there. Then you breathe it fully into your lungs. Sounds easy, right? This is the method that all early vapes used and it is usually favored by those who have some experience with smoking. Although it’s not the only game in town anymore, MTL is still frequently used.

Not only is it convenient and familiar, but many vapers feel they get the best possible throat hit from this style. When you are using a high-PG e-liquid, you really have the opportunity to savor the flavor – the higher the PG content, the richer each flavor note can be.

People who prefer MTL cite these advantages:

  • Your e-liquid will generally last longer with MTL vaping;

  • You can get the full benefits from MTL with any vape kit;

  • MTL is a familiar technique for many vape newcomers.

That brings us to the other favorite option.

Direct-to-Lung (DTL)

Direct-to-lung vaping has really become popular over the last few years. You’ll find hobbyists and “cloud chasers” doing it all the time. It’s a somewhat unique and unusual experience when you compare it to MTL. It can also help you produce even bigger vape clouds.

Even if you are totally satisfied with your MTL, it’s a good idea to try out the DTL method. It is easy to get the hang of and you might just find new depths to your favorite flavor. Most vapers avoid DTL in public, however, as it will usually result in a much bigger cloud. DTL is being enjoyed more and more for all these reasons:

  • DTL doesn’t rely on a flavor-rich PG e-liquid; you can use 50/50 or full VG if you wish;

  • DTL is the best way to get optimal performance from lots of new, sub-ohm vape devices;

  • DTL is the preferred technique for hobbyist and competitive “cloud chasers” worldwide;

  • DTL is fun and adds a little extra flourish to your already enjoyable vaping experience.

Note: If you are going to use DTL, it’s especially important to take precautions to avoid dry hits!

Vaping Can Take Time to Perfect – But It’s Truly Worthwhile

Just like any hobby or lifestyle change, you might find it takes a while for you to master your vape.

But, that’s just a sign that learning to vape in the most enjoyable way is worth the effort.

When you start vaping, you’re not only getting involved in a fun and exciting pastime. You are also becoming part of a community of enthusiasts that spans the United States and the globe.

Something new and interesting happens in the world of vape every day.

And as a VaporFi customer, the next big thing in vaping is always just around the corner.

Everyone has different vaping styles, and there’s really no “one size fits all” way to do it. Even people who have been vaping for years are discovering new things. So, you might be wondering how you can get even more information about vaping.

With VaporFi, it’s always easy to stay in the loop.

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