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Enjoy the Crisp, Cool Feeling of Vapor Cigarettes

VaporFi delivers technologically advanced electronic cigarettes that provide the best possible vapor smoking experience

Only five years ago, vapor cigarettes were practically unheard of, but for those who adopted e-smoking in the early days, the benefit of cool vapor rather than harsh smoke became clear. However, they didn’t have near as many options as we have now.

Fortunately, the e-cigarette industry has come a long way in such a short time. The rapid advancement in e-cig technology has transformed e-cigarettes from a niche product into a worldwide smoking alternative.

One of the best qualities about vapor smoking is the possibility of greater customization. Vapor smokers now have more options than they’ve ever had before, which becomes apparent when you compare modern vapor cigarettes to earlier, basic cigarette look-a-like models. Although a growing number of people are starting to take notice, so many vapor cigarette retailers and suppliers still only sell limited products that force their customers to conform to certain styles, techniques and flavors.

VaporFi – E-Smoking Done Your Way

Not everyone desires the same smoking experience – or to quote a popular phrase: “Different strokes for different folks.” This is one of the main reasons why VaporFi was founded—to give smokers more freedom in deciding when, where, and how they choose to smoke—and what sets us apart from the competition.

At VaporFi, we don’t just recognize diversity—we celebrate it! We believe the unique style of every vapor smoker is what makes electronic smoking such a new and exciting alternative. By giving users more control than ever before, we hope to encourage vapor smokers everywhere to take charge of their individual e-vapor experience.
Here is a sampling of the many features and options we offer:

  • A variety of vapor cigarette starter kits for the occasional vapor smoker, the true e-vapor connoisseur, and everyone in between.
  • A large assortment of delicious pre-made vapor cigarette flavors, as well as the ability to create and test your own custom e-juice blend.
  • Your choice of preferred nicotine level—ranging from Bold (3.6% nicotine) to totally nicotine-free.
  • A plethora of ways for you to personalize the look and feel of your vapor cigarettes by mixing and matching colors, choosing your battery capacity levels, selecting from various atomizer types and your choice of advanced vapor smoking features.

In other words, we provide the high performing equipment, and you simply add the special ingredient: you!

Vapor Cigarettes Made with You in Mind

To learn more about how VaporFi can help you take charge of your vapor smoking experience, visit our Learning Center and blog. And when you are ready to upgrade your vapor cigarette, be sure to check out our fully equipped starter kits to start customizing your vaping experience today!

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