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Vaporizer Cigarettes

Enjoy “Smoking” Without the Unpleasant Odor

Vaporizer Cigarettes

Going smokeless has never looked so good! See why the next generation vaporizer cigarettes offer the ultimate vaping experience

If you were to ask family and friends of a smoker, they’d likely tell you that “smoker’s breath,” a very distinctive smell, is probably most annoying downsides of traditional cigarettes. Worse, it gets into literally everything—hair, clothes, furniture, your car, you name it – and is nearly impossible to get rid of. For many smokers, this odor makes them self-conscious, so they try to cover it up by chewing strong gum or brushing their teeth obsessively.

Until recently, the constant odor was just something smokers had to live with. Fortunately, the invention of the e-cigarette made cigarette smoke odor a problem of the past—it’s just up to individuals to decide when they want to make a change.

Advanced vaporizer cigarettes from VaporFi take e-cigarette technology even further by giving users more options to customize their vapor smoking experience than ever before, and making both traditional cigarettes and generic e-cigarettes look outdated with their revolutionary design.


Say Sayonara to Smoker’s Breath with a Vaporizer Cigarette

Smokeless cigarettes aren’t called “smokeless” for nothing. It’s true, there is no smoke whatsoever when vaping. That smoke-like cloud you see vapers exhaling is water vapor, and the great thing about vapor is that it doesn’t smell or leave behind a bad odor.

In other words, when you start vaping, you can throw out the minty gum if you want (however, you should still keep the toothbrush).

But smoker’s breath isn’t the only thing you can kiss goodbye when you switch to vaporizer cigarettes. There are numerous other benefits to going smokeless, including:

  • NO tobacco
  • NO tar
  • NO combustion
  • NO carbon monoxide
  • NO ashtrays
  • NO cigarette butts
  • NO smoker’s cough

Customize your Vaping Experience to Suit your Taste and Style

There are lots of ways vaping is superior to cigarette smoking, which is why our philosophy is that e-cigarettes should look cooler too. Instead of offering the generic electronic look-a-likes as everyone else, VaporFi offers 6 advanced vapor cigarette models—each carefully designed to provide the best level of vaping for experienced and novice users.

Here at VaporFi, we also believe choice is sexy. That’s why all of our vaporizer cigarettes come with more options than you ever thought possible with vaping—from tank size, variable voltage/wattage and custom e-juice blends, to mix and matching the color of your e-cigarette battery and cartomizer. You can even determine how much nicotine you want in your device, or perhaps you’d prefer an e-cigarette that is nicotine-free.

Basically, we simply supply you with high-tech, superior devices and ingredients so you can build your very own custom vaping experience.

Check out our collection of advanced vaporizer cigarettes for yourself and see why going smokeless has never looked (and tasted) so good! And visit our e-cigarette blog and learning center for some helpful hints and tricks for taking full advantage of the next generation vaporizer cigarette.

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