Fruity vape juices are a must for any good e-liquid collection, offering a sweet ticket to flavor paradise in the form of vibrant fruit flavors. Whether you consider yourself a fruit traditionalist (think old favorites like strawberry, banana, and apple) or like to take a walk on the wild side with more exotic options like jackfruit and papaya, odds are you have at least a few great fruit-flavored e-juices in your everyday line-up. However, as any vaper knows, you can never have too many delicious flavor options up your sleeve – and discovering new blends is half the fun of vaping.

Get ready to dive into a virtual fruit basket of flavor with this handy fruity vape juice guide, covering everything you need to know to pick the best apple of the bunch – pun intended. 

Why People Like Fruity Vape Juices and the Benefits of Fruity Vape Juices

It’s not tough to figure out why fruity vape juice is so popular. Quite simply, this sweet, fresh flavor profile offers an enjoyable experience for your taste buds, waking up your senses with a jolt of bold, fruity essence. Just about everyone can find a handful of fruit-flavored vape juice that appeals to their tastes, especially with so many juice options out there. Fruit flavors can take on a variety of forms, including sugary sweet and enjoyably tart.

Another benefit of fruit e-liquids is their versatility. There’s no right or wrong time to indulge in some sweet, fruit-flavored vapor clouds because fruit is a delicious treat any hour of the day. Start off your morning with a vaporized version of a tropical smoothie, wrap up your lunch break with a lemony-fresh vape session, then end the day with a guilt-free cloud of caramelized banana vapor. It’s never a bad idea to have at least one or two fruity juices on hand because you never know when a sweet tooth craving might hit.

Top 10 Best Fruity Vape Juices

Looking for a few craving-worthy fruit juices to add to your collection? Forget combing through thousands of flavor options, because we’ve done all the work for you. From top-sellers to our favorite five-star flavors, VaporFi has picked a fresh collection of fruity vape juices you’re sure to love.

These are the 10 best fruit-flavored vape juices on our virtual shelves, guaranteed to serve up a delightful punch to the taste buds in the form of bold, deliciously sweet fruit flavor.

Strawberrylicious E-Juice
Strawberrylicious E-Juice


The name of this fruity delight says it all – from the first puff of sweet vapor, you’ll be basking in the deliciously crisp flavor of strawberry. Strawberrylicious manages to capture the exact taste of the perfect summer strawberry, picked at the height of ripeness for the ultimate in sweet berry heaven. This is a great fruity vape juice flavor, but it also works impressively well as a complementary addition to juices with notes of cream, sugar, chocolate, marshmallow, and more.

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Island Pineapple Flavor E-Juice
Island Pineapple Flavor E-Juice

Island Pineapple

Your taste buds will be doing the hula after the first puff of Island Pineapple, a tropical delight of an e-juice that you’re sure to love. If you’re looking for something in the fruit category that’s just a little bit different, Island Pineapple fits the bill. Close your eyes mid-vape and you might be convinced you’ve jetted off to the Hawaiian islands, complete with a tropical lei, towering palm trees, and overflowing fruit platter.

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Mango Lemon Delight e-Juice
Mango Lemon Delight e-Juice

Mango Lemon Delight

You might be surprised by this match-up of citrus zest and island sweetness, but Mango Lemon Delight is a VaporFi customer favorite. The rich taste of ripe mango is perfectly balanced by a bright zing of fresh lemon, keeping the sweetness in check while adding an interesting dimension of flavor. This fruit-flavored vape juice is perfect for a refreshing, relaxing vape session, offering all the enjoyment of an ice-cold glass of mango-infused lemonade on a hot summer day.

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Pear Tobacco Vape Juice
Pear Tobacco Vape Juice

Pear Tobacco

Put a fresh spin on an old classic with our Pear Tobacco e-liquid, an unlikely combination of two flavor giants. The robust taste of pure tobacco is delightfully accented by a sweet note of ripe pear, with each note balancing the other for a one-of-a-kind vape experience. It never gets too sweet or too intense, creating a smooth, delicious vapor you can’t help but love.

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Straw-Colada Vape Juice
Straw-Colada Vape Juice


Leave behind the stress of regular life and slip right into island mode with Straw-Colada, a fresh take on a vacation cocktail favorite. Strawberry, coconut, and pineapple come together to create a flavor snapshot of a freshly-blended strawberry pina colada. Your vape session will feel like a long, relaxing walk on a sandy tropical beach, priming you to tackle the rest of your day with a hint of post-vacation positivity.

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Caramel Banana Vape Juice
Caramel Banana Vape Juice

Caramel Banana

Who says fruit can’t be an indulgent, dessert-worthy treat? With a vape juice like Caramel Banana, your sugar craving will be more than satisfied. This decadent blend combines banana and peanut butter with the crisp flavor of caramel tobacco, priming you for a deep dive into multi-layered flavor nirvana. The sweetness of the banana is the perfect partner to the smooth caramel-infused tobacco, ending on a high note with the essence of creamy peanut butter.

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3-pack e-juice sampler
3-Pack e-Juice Sampler

Vape Juice Sampler 3 Pack (10ML)

Put your own fruity spin on this three-juice sampler pack, a VaporFi original that makes it easy to design your ideal menu of e-liquid favorites. Stick with lifelong fruit favorites or try something new, with countless fruit-centric options to choose from. You’ll get three 10mL bottles for one low price, with the option to set your perfect VG/PG ratio and nicotine level. This sampler pack is a smart way to experiment with new flavors, so you can discover what you love before investing in a larger bottle.

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Very Berry Ice Vape Juice (60 ML)
Very Berry Ice Vape Juice (60 ML)

VaporFi Very Berry Ice (60 ML)

VaporFi Very Berry Ice Vape Juice will take you back to your best summer memories, sipping on a sweet berry slush to cool off after a day in the sun. The tangy taste of frozen berries accompanies an invigorating colada base, blending together for a vape experience that’s as sweet as it is icy. This value-sized bottle gives you the best bang for your buck, packing intense flavor into 60 mL of premium juice.

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Watermelon Wave Flavored E-Liquid
Watermelon Wave Flavored E-Liquid

Watermelon Wave

Watermelon Wave is another top VaporFi customer favorite, surfing into a top spot thanks to its intense watermelon flavor. Crisp, sweet, and juicy, the watermelon essence captured in this e-liquid is exactly like the perfect slice at your yearly summer barbecue. Skip the seeds and enjoy it in vapor form instead, bringing a touch of summer into your vape sessions year-round.

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Berries N Cream e-Juice
Berries N Cream e-Juice

Berries N Cream

When it comes to ice cream, strawberry is a flavor that just about everyone loves. So, we created our Berries N Cream Vape Juice, a nod to the tasty, fruit-infused dessert. Juicy, ripe strawberries and creamy vanilla bean ice cream are blended together in e-liquid form, giving you a delightful afternoon treat without the sugar crash.

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VaporFi E-Juice: An Industry Favorite

We know there’s no shortage of places you could grab your next bottle of e-juice – but hear us out. Cheaply-made vape juice won’t just disappoint you in terms of flavor, but the low-grade ingredients and less-than-excellent manufacturing practices could seriously downgrade your vape experience. Instead, stick with VaporFi e-liquids, which lead the industry in terms of quality ingredients, stringent production standards, and stellar flavor.

Our lineup of e-liquids includes thousands of flavor possibilities, all of which share a few key characteristics that set us apart from the rest:

  • Every single bottle of VaporFi e-juice is crafted in an FDA-registered lab, using carefully formulated recipes and the highest standard of professionalism
  • Our e-juice is a step above food-grade, earning GRAS approval and specifically designed to be inhaled
  • VaporFi e-liquids are completely kosher and made with top-quality ingredients including premium nicotine and carefully sourced glycerin (safe for most people with peanut allergies)
  • You won’t find any diacetyl or acetyl propionyl in VaporFi e-liquids, because we’ve eliminated both from our recipes altogether
why our e-liquid rocks
Why Our e-Liquid Rocks

On top of our sky-high standards for formulation and production, there’s one final characteristic that makes VaporFi e-liquids the best of the best. When you power up your vape with a VaporFi juice, you’ll be enjoying the most delicious, intense flavor clouds possible – and what vaper doesn’t want that?

Why Buy From VaporFi

So, you know that VaporFi should be your first and last source for premium vape juice – but did you know we also carry every other vape product you could ever want or need? VaporFi works with the top brands in the industry to offer our customers great deals on the latest and greatest vape devices, accessories, and more, making sure you get the best value for your dollar. You can be confident that you’re shopping 100 percent authentic products when you’re with VaporFi because we refuse to carry any clones or knockoff items. Plus, you’ll score everyday free shipping and loyalty rewards, so the money you save will add up fast… and that means more cash in your pocket for new e-juice flavors.

Interested in learning more about the world of vaping? Check out the VaporFi Learning Center or find your next favorite vape product using our handy vape shopping guide, and contact our team anytime for answers to all your vape questions.