“Dual user” is the title given to those who choose to supplement their e-cigarette smoking with traditional cigarettes. This practice is more common than you might think, with 3 out of 4 e-cig smokers using both products.

The question: why do people choose to do this?


In terms of finances, substituting even just a few traditional cigarettes a month with an e-cigarette can save you some cash. The average price for a pack of cigarettes is between 5 and 6 US dollars, whereas the equivalent in e-cig vapor costs around 2 US dollars.

Using e-cigarettes also has the potential to lower your insurance premiums, depending on your provider. While saving money this way shouldn’t be considered a sure-fire thing, checking with your insurance company and stating that you are a dual user could prove beneficial.

Social Settings

In social settings, it’s becoming increasingly less acceptable to whip out a traditional cigarette. There’s a lot to consider: where you are, who is with you, and the consequences. The smell alone is enough to potentially put a damper on a social outing and leave your friends with the odor of cigarette smoke on their clothes. E-cigarettes release vapor instead of smoke, making them available in social situations where traditional cigarettes are not allowed or are frowned upon. Being a dual user means having flexibility to adjust to these situations with ease.

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Lastly, smoking can be dangerous logistically. There are open flames and ashes to deal with as well as the clumsy side that exists in all of us. The U.S. Fire Administration recommends never smoking traditional cigarettes indoors because of the many things that can catch fire if they come in contact with ash or cigarettes that haven’t been put out properly. E-cigarettes do not require an external heating source, making them much safer to use indoors and around flammable materials. Dual smokers are therefore able to smoke indoors with peace of mind.

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