The Deal of the Week has landed, and we hope you’re in the mood for heavy performance from a killer RDA! The Druga Dripper RDA Bundle promises a whole lot of performance and it comes packed with all the necessary accouterments to keep the vaping going strong. This incredible bundle typically runs for $61.88; this week you can score it all for just $54.99; so get ready for everything you need to vape up some killer clouds!

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Deal of the Week Druga RDA BUndle - VaporFi

The Deal of the Week offers something new and exciting every week, so be sure to check out the offerings every Monday from VaporFi. We like to keep you on your toes and fulfill on the promise of great deals on great vape gear and vape juices weekly. Who doesn’t love awesome prices on vaping? This week, we’re promising boatloads of performance with the Augvape Druga RDA Clamp Snap System 24mm and a variety of additional items included in the Druga Dripper RDA Bundle to allow for continued performance.

This kit promises vape dripping at its very finest!

Included in this bundle are the following items:

  • The Druga RDA Clamp Snap System 24mm
  • 1 Package of Cotton Bacon
  • VaporFi Tweezers
  • 30ml Custom Blend E-Liquid

The Druga RDA from Augvape is one of the nicest RDA’s currently on the market. It was designed to keenly target the aspects of performance that vapers are after, allowing for excellent building and dripping with a highly user-friendly design that maximizes time effectiveness. Part of the excellent design elements of the Druga is the innovative snap clamp system. It features negative and positive posts that give you the ability to switch out coils easily. The build deck was made for simplicity, enabling easy building, while supporting just about any type of coil you’re into.

The Druga RDA has a 24mm size, with a 24 Karat deck, constructed of the highest quality 304 Stainless Steel, and plated in 24K gold. This RDA was engineered specifically for creating the finest flavor, and in use, it is as clean as it gets; thoroughly pure and intense. The vapor production is massive, yet smooth and clean. The Druga allows for efficient airflow to the coils, as it cools the draw.

This high-performance RDA includes an Ultem drip tip that additionally decreases the heat on the draw, clearing the way for exquisite flavor.

Druga Black and SS - VaporFiRounding out the bundle is a package of Cotton Bacon, which is considered by many to be the premier vaping cotton on the market. It is loved for its fluffy consistency and incredible powers of clean wicking for potent flavors. A set of VaporFi Tweezers is included to assist with the building capabilities, enabling you to perfect the ultimate coils on the Druga’s 24K build deck. And, just to ensure the performance is everything you’re dreaming of, a 30 ml bottle of custom-blended VaporFi vape juice, in your flavor of choice, is part of the package.

If you’re after the boldest vapor production and high-powered vaping as a result of the customized options of a high-quality, well-machined RDA, look no further than the brilliant Augvape Druga Dripper RDA Bundle. You can score this innovative kit for just $54.99 this week while it’s our Deal of the Week, so start shopping!

The performance is unmatched and the flavor is out of this world; don’t miss out!

get druga bundle