This week, our Deal of the Week will have you sayin’ “Catch ya later!” in the most delicious way possible! A rich, tasty hazelnut and caramel-infused coffee vape that will take your vaping to a new level, this is the coffee break you’ve been waiting for. Catch Ya Latte has been the premier coffee-flavored e-juice for a very long time, and right now you can score a major deal on the good stuff! This week only, you get to save 10% on 2- 30 ml bottles (equalling 60 ml!), which normally run for $32.99… So prepare yourself for the savings, and get ready for the savoring! This flavor will have you saying “Catch ya Latte” to all your other vape juices upon experiencing it!

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Catch Ya Latte is just one of those flavors you need in your life. If you like deliciousness, a prime and perfect coffee vape, a rich dessert vape, and just about any type of awesome, top-quality, finely-crafted e-juice; it’s the one. It’s one of those flavors that stands the test of time; it was one of the first gourmet vape juices to hit the market, and it has not waned in popularity since. A winner of multiple awards, this liquid is simply, utterly, mind-blowingly delish.

What makes Catch Ya Latte so awesome are the layers it was created to include. It’s not in any way a simple or ordinary coffee flavor. In contrast, it is a rich, full-flavored taste that offers waves of pleasure. It all begins with the fine, Italian espresso, which gets perfectly mellowed out with the addition of creamy steamed milk. The flavors of rich hazelnut and sweet caramel are added to enhance the overall flow of the juice, complementing the coffee and milk in the best way. The end result brings waves of flavor, and immense pleasure as the tastes roll over your senses.

As one of the most high-quality liquids available, the composition of this vape juice is ideal for all wanting exceptional performance from their liquid. Made with top ingredients such as inhalation-grade flavorings, non-peanut vegetable glycerin (VG), and using the highest rated nicotine available, the quality is beyond compare. At 70/30 VG to PG, you get a wonderfully rich juice that is perfect for cloud production, as well as pleasing the sub ohmers and drippers among us. Delicious in flavor, and made to please in every way: this is an e-liquid for the ages!

Hey, and just because this deal is scoring you some great juice at a great price doesn’t mean you can’t share. 2 bottles means twice the fun, so if you’re feeling generous, grab the deal and share it with a friend who will love the tasty clouds they’ll get to enjoy as a result! Whether you stock up and get yourself a few of these awesome bottles of Catch Ya Latte, or share your purchase with someone else who will adore the fine flavor, there is one thing for certain: this is a Deal of the Week not to be missed! So do get shopping, and do get saving; scoring yourself 10% off this fantastically delectable e-liquid will only be available this week, and we urge you to get this one into your shopping cart right now! No finer coffee e-liquid around… we’ll Catch Ya Latte!

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