Nothing goes together quite like your morning vape and coffee, right? Those aromatic, sweet, delicious moments that make every day start off on the right foot. Whether it’s a bold dark cup, a creamy, flavored latte or a rich, chocolatey mocha, coffee in the AM just makes each day easier to tackle. And more tasty.

With this in mind, it’s a total no-brainer that coffee flavored e-liquids are so popular. Between the exquisite, rich flavor, and how amazing it tastes when vaped, it seems most vapers are down with coffee vape liquids. And these days, the more indulgent and crafted the better. So it is with great honor that we announce that this week’s Deal of the Week will be catering to those who savor the pleasures of that decadent cup o’ Joe. Right now, our Coffee Lover’s bundle is going for 10% off, and it’s every coffee lover’s dream come true. Delicious flavors, excellent price. In fact, this collection is so fantastic, it would make an awesome Christmas gift for any of the vapers on your list who are into the finest coffee flavors out there.

This magnificent collection of Java-inspired flavors takes the cake as far as flavor goes. Expect way more than a bland cup of convenience store coffee that has been roasting on the burner for 6 hours. Oh no; these flavors were crafted to offer up some of the finest non-coffee coffee flavors that exist. So when we say this collection is for coffee lovers, we mean it! Here is a look at each of these flavors, and why you need them in your tank ASAP!

Java Jolt

Java Jolt offers that mind-blowing spark you need to open your eyes and think straight in the morning. It’s simple and straight to the point; there are no frills to this one, and if you’re into mega coffee flavor, this is the jolt you need. In vapor, it’s exceptional, and perfect for that morning vape effect.

Catch Ya Latte

Catch Ya Latte is something of a legend in this industry. This award-winning flavor really is one of the finest coffee juices out there. It’s an elevated, smooth, creamy latte flavor that includes layers of creaminess alongside rich, dark espresso and delivers a deliciously silky feeling. It includes a deep essence of hazelnut and a drizzle of caramel. Yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds and it really takes the whole coffee-e-liquid thing to a whole new concept.

Raspberry Mocha

Mochas can be amazing, but a raspberry mocha is even more so! This flavor takes things up a few notches, and is like the richest, most decadent coffee beverage you can image, only you vape it! Rich, espresso-infused mocha gets a bright, juicy splash with a shot of raspberry, and these flavor work wonders to enhance one another. The result is overwhelming in flavor, and if you’re into gourmet coffee, get ready because this is one new adventure of a flavor!

The Coffee Lover’s Bundle was really made for those who love coffee, and at 10% off, it’s perfectly priced! These flavors are amazing, and they’ll have your vapor tasting like pure Arabica heaven. Fancy or simple, if you want the finest Java-flavor in your tanks, get your hands on this bundle now! For one week only, you get to grab it while it’s hot. Bottoms up!