Just Like Momma Told You: The How and Why of a Clean Vaporizer

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woman-with-e-cigaretteWithout trying to sound like an overbearing parent who’s visiting your home for the weekend, you should really clean more. Yes, clean your bathroom more, maybe, but definitely your vaporizer cigarette.

Why Clean?

First and foremost, you should clean because you’re dirty. Don’t be offended, but think about all the objects that you touch in a day—door handles of restrooms, public countertops, other people’s hands, and pets to name a few. All of these have germs and they transfer to your vaporizer when you touch it, which you then stick one end into your mouth. In addition, your vaporizer could have been floating around your purse and car collecting germs while you weren’t even touching it. (Luckily, we have carrying cases for that very reason!)

Cleaning your vaporizer regularly can also help to extend the life of your vaporizer. Removing the burnt or leaked e-liquid from your vaporizer will help it to function at its highest level, giving you a better overall vape.

How to Clean?

Now that you’re convinced cleaning your vaporizer on a regular basis really is worth the 5-10 minutes it will take, it’s fairly simple to actually clean. You can find your preferred way to clean, but in general people use a damp washcloth or microfiber cloth, old toothbrush, cotton pad or swab, and something small to scrape with. Use whatever you have on hand and whatever works for you.

1) Carefully, dismantle your device. Unscrew everything, and take it apart into as many pieces as you can. Make sure you have enough space to safely set all the parts down without losing them.

2) Start with the atomizer. Wipe everything down, removing any gunk and leftover e-liquid. You can also blow gently into the battery end of your atomizer and wipe to make sure you get everything.

3) If e-liquid has dried and stuck to your device, scrape it off gently with a tooth pick or paperclip. A damp cloth or a little rubbing alcohol will help as well.

4) Reassemble your device, but be diligent to make sure you have dried the battery completely before putting your device back together. Give the exterior a good wipe as well to remove surface germs, especially on the mouthpiece.

Cleaning your vaporizer is worth the few minutes that it will take you, and your vaporizer cigarette will work better as you enjoy it longer.

Okay, the parental lecture is over, but be sure to check out our online blog and knowledge center for more tips on taking care of you vapor device.

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