This week’s Deal of the Week is a great one! It is especially awesome for those of you who are planning on taking the plunge and making the switch to vapor, and for those who just want a great bundle! If you want to give the gift of vapor to someone you care about who is still smoking, well, here you go! This is a fantastic deal worthy of any smoker who wants a legit, high-quality, powerful, and reliable option to turn to instead of tobacco. The VaporFi Beginner Vape Pen Starter Kit Bundle is currently priced at 10% off for this week only, so we encourage you to grab it while it’s hot!

Not All “Beginner Vapes” Are the Same

If you’ve vaped for a while, or if you’re a beginner who has tried a few other “beginner” products, you are probably aware that there can be a massive disparity of quality among them. As in, oftentimes, products geared towards beginners suck, and lack quality, and do more to convince smokers not to switch to vaping because of this. Thank goodness VaporFi exists, right? Not trying to toot our own horn, but we love making awesome products that do their jobs well!

So if you’re after the perfect beginner’s vape device, the VaporFi Beginner Vape Pen Starter Kit Bundle is ideal from every aspect. The awesome thing about this beginner’s bundle is that it is specifically tailored to the needs of the novice vaper who does not want to lack anything in regards to power and performance. It is simple enough to master, while always offering a phenomenal experience. It includes everything necessary to get down and dirty with vaping, leaving you no need to worry about adding or subtracting anything to complete the picture.

What’s Included

The beginner bundle is built around the amazing VaporFi Pro 3 vape pen battery in black, and it includes a black 2.5 ml Pro 3 tank, 1 teflon drip tip in black, 5 extra 2.0 ohm atomizers, a 30ml bottle of e-liquid in your choice of flavor/ custom blend, 1 USB charging cable, and 1 wall adapter. All of this, for one amazing low price this week!

The VaporFi Pro 3

The star of the show with this kit is the Pro 3 vaporizer device. Since the Pro first emerged, it has been one of the top devices in the market for its amazing performance specs and abilities. Now in its third updated version, this vape pen has only gotten better! It is a gorgeous example of mouth to lung vaping, which recreates the potent experience of smoking exceptionally well. With 1000 mAh in output, you get a solid-performing vape, known to be both fun and hugely satisfying. Compatible with Pro 3 Tank, this duo is unstoppable! The Pro 3 Tank is a top-fill tank, and it features one of the easiest setups for filling. Together, they create an amazing combination, that is at once very easy, yet entirely fulfilling, especially for those who are new to vaping altogether.

If there is one Deal of the Week to take advantage of, if you’re looking to embark on experiencing the world of vaping, or know someone who would benefit, let this be your week to save and score! The VaporFi Beginner Vape Pen Starter Kit Bundle is such an amazing starter kit, and it is especially made to meet the needs of beginners who want something similar enough to smoking to be enjoyable, while offering more options and diversity than analog cigs. For the incredible price of 10% off, this deal is so worth it in every way. Don’t miss out!