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Creating exceptional blends is one of our specialties, and we know how much you all love to explore different flavors and experiences, and this flavor is no exception. So this week, we hope you enjoy this remarkable blend that is a combination of Sahara Gold and Dulce de Leche as you save some money! We can’t think of a better way to vape in honor and celebration of St. Patrick!

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Pot ‘O Gold is a creamy, dreamy, indulgent blend of flavors that comprises rich, earthy Sahara Gold tobacco with the lusciousness of Dulce de Leche. It also happens to pair perfectly with an Irish Coffee, rounds of Jameson, or a pint of Guinness, making it the ideal blend to enjoy on this merry day of celebrating all things Irish. Scoring it at 10% all week long proves the “luck of the Irish” has been bestowed upon you!

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While St. Patrick’s Day commemorates the life of Ireland’s patron saint, it is celebrated with parades, by wearing green and shamrocks, eating traditional Irish fare, and of course, with plentiful merrymaking and imbibing. Irish diaspora across the world have carried on the traditions, and while many look down disdainfully on the common behavior involving excess drinking, in America, St. Patrick’s Day means one thing: partying! Regardless of age, it’s a holiday that gets celebrated across the nation in schools, publicly in cities where there is a significant Irish population, and in bars and taverns everywhere. Regardless of your thoughts on the credibility of St. Patrick himself, modern day St. Patty’s Day is all about having a great time and paying homage to the great nation of Ireland; whether you have Irish roots or not!

So celebrate with us this week as we give you something to party about: a great e-liquid flavor to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day at the phenomenal price of 10% off with our Deal of the Week! Slainte, from all of us VaporFi!