This week, our Deal of the Week is ultra delicious, and oh-so spectacular when it comes to the savings! Get ready for an amazing deal, guys, because this one will handle all of your coffee and dessert vape cravings easily! For one week only, you get the ability to score 10% off 60ml bottles of our Raspberry Mocha e-liquid!

Bursting with espresso flavor

This flavor is unlike any other, and it is exceptionally delish. Miles apart from a standard cup of coffee, this flavor mimics the luscious gourmet coffee drinks crafted by expert baristas. It starts off with a rich, bold blast of premium Italian espresso, then comes in with a smooth layer of dark chocolate, turning this into the ultimate mocha. Then, to take it to a whole new level ensuring this is not a simple flavor by any means, in comes a fresh, bright note of sweet, juicy raspberries to add some fruity tang! Finishing off this decadent blend of tantalizing flavors is a wave of smooth, creamy steamed milk, turning these magnificent flavors into what culminates as the finest mocha flavor you could possibly vape!

Another classic vape juice in the making

Raspberry Mocha launched to practically instant classic status; it’s just that good! Few coffee-inspired vapes can compare to this, and it covers all ground when it comes to layers of flavor, rich texture, and an experience that leaves you craving more! Additionally, for just a cool touch and play on the ability to offer cool packaging, we designed this e-liquid bottle to emulate an actual coffee cup! Because why not have a little extra fun with the lux-cafe feel?
This flavor is available in our 70/30 VG/PG ratio, along with a variety of nicotine levels to choose from. So whatever your particular preferences may be, don’t worry about being able to enjoy delicious Raspberry Mocha! The high VG to PG ratio offers stupendously high volume of vapor, along with exquisite clouds. The 30% PG adds the perfect amount of forceful hit to this blend, making it the ideal juice for sub ohm vapers and standard vape pen puffers alike! With a range in options for nicotine starting at 0% (nicotine-free) to 1.2% Light, with 0.6% and 0.3% (dripping level) in the middle, options are plentiful to get your ideal fix!

The quality you expect from VaporFi

VaporFi e-liquids are unlike the majority of other e-liquids on the market. While there are many good ones out there, our attention to detail and commitment to quality is unwavering. We have been dedicated to having the highest quality around, with top-rated nicotine and glycerin, and using Kosher ingredients designed specifically for inhalation, making them “inhalation-grade” which is beyond food-grade. Furthermore, our labs and formulas are registered with the FDA, enabling them full access to the liquids we produce because we believe in transparency. We are known for our high operational standards, as we exclusively adhere to cGMP operation protocol. Every bottle of e-liquid is child-resistant to ensure the safest bet when it comes to keeping e-juice out of the hands of children, and every bottle is equipped with a lot number for accurate tracing. No one else in the industry upholds these standards, and we want to ensure you always know what you’re getting. Top that with the finest, purest, most delicious flavors available and you’ve got e-liquids that blow everyone else out of the water!
So this week, we urge you to get it in gear to grab yourself a 60ml bottle or two (or a few!) of the one and only, ultra-decadent VaporFi Raspberry Mocha e-liquid at a phenomenally discounted price! Live a little, and vape some gourmet coffee perfection!