Hello, vape fam! We’ve got the Deal of the Week coming at you, and it’s a hot one this time around! If you’ve been aching for something unusual, wildly powerful, eye-catching, and exceptionally enjoyable when vaped, the Tesla Punk 220W TC Vape Mod should be on your radar.

This exquisite mod was made to bridge the gap between beauty and performance, and the result is phenomenal.

At the stunning price of just $64.99, for this week only as our Deal of the Week, there hasn’t been a better time than now to grab one! So do yourself a favor and score one of these beauties while the price is hot!

Unmatched Design & Styling

First things first: the Tesla Punk 220W TC Vape Mod is a beautiful, durable, creative work of art. We all know that many vape mods look the same. And even though there are many that divert outside of the standard concept, few go as extreme as the Tesla Punk. Vintage-inspired and extremely detailed, this mod will certainly get some attention. Steampunk aesthetics and cool-looking circuitry details are set upon the faces of this mod, while two heavy-duty glass panels fit the exterior of the mod as protection. While a glass-paneled mod may seem unorthodox, this mod was made for endurance and durability. A stunning RGB LED light is included in the design, offering an additional touch that enhances this mod’s sharp looks. Make no mistake: the Tesla Punk 220W mod is one of the most interesting vaporizers around!


The Tesla Punk 220W offers a fantastically modern, powerful approach to vaping. The specs throughout this mod make it highly desirable, especially if you’re after a mod that promises intense wattage, excellent customizations, and innovative features. TCR functionality, memory function, innovative taste control, and a stunning OLED screen equip this mod with an array of features to keep the performance cued in to your exact preferences. Temperature control is well supported with the option of using Ni200, Titanium, or Stainless Steel coils.


As far as usage goes, the premise of the Tesla Punk 220W is pretty remarkable. The aim was to offer great performance with innovative controls, but also with a strict adherence to keeping it simple and easy to use. One aspect that makes this mod so pleasurable to use are the smooth, responsive buttons. They are durable and very easy to use, which makes configuring a breeze. Setting your specifications, tuning your wattage, and configuring all of your adjustments for temperature, resistance, voltage, coil type, or preheating can be done swiftly and efficiently. Another great feature that comes in handy is the ability to adjust wattage based on increments of 0.5, which keeps it fast yet still quite precise. Overall, you will not find a powerful mod this simple, yet so much fun to use!

This week, the Deal of the Week is a whirlwind of precision, efficiency, excellent performance, and incomparably fine looks. The quality is supreme, the design is unparalleled, and the exterior details make the Tesla Punk 220W TC Vape Mod one of the most gorgeous around. All the while, the performance is nothing short of intense and powerful, which makes it a highly desirable device for those after a killer experience. At just $64.99 for this week only, this deal is too good to pass up. Grab your Tesla Punk 220W today!

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