We are kicking off February with a really great set of deals for you this week. While practically everyone associates this month with Valentine’s Day, we are gearing up for a month of mood-setting love! Because what’s not to love about high-quality vaping? This week, our Deals of the Week will include some really tasty e-juice, and a fantastic mod to vape it up. This is a great one, folks, so get ready for the savings of 10% off these awesome items. Seriously, it’s going to be savings to swoon over!

VaporFi Decadent Dip E-Liquid
First up is the fabulous deal on one of the most luscious, most love-inspiring e-liquid flavors ever crafted: none other than our ubiquitous, delightfully tantalizing, sensuously rich Decadent Dip. This is 30ml of love coming right at ya! As you may have guessed as well, it’s also perfectly timed and themed for the mood of love that February inspires, with Valentine’s Day landing smack in the middle! Decadent Dip is a smooth pairing of juicy, fresh, sun-ripened strawberries dipped in rich, velvety dark chocolate; can you think of a more perfect, more romantic dessert? No calories here, guys, so it can be vaped to your heart’s content! This flavor has been one of our top sellers since DAY 1 and there’s a great reason why: it’s amazing!

Next in line is the VAIO 80W TC MOD, one of the finest all-around mods on the market right now. Simplicity is the name of the game, and this is a device that offers up lots of it without lacking in performance. It is beautiful, and it fits snugly in the hand without excessive bulk. With this phenomenal device, you will get a really powerful mod that fires up to 80W, offers the ability of temperature control, and a whole lotta versatility packed into an all-in-one mod.

As an all-in-one, the 3.5 ml tank is built in, and you call the shots on how it gets used. Additionally, the tank is great because it features a window that is ideally placed for being able to quickly gauge your liquid level. The tank also offers a direct contact point for the atomizer, which really ups the quality of the vaping. The device comes with a notch atomizer, which provides exceptional surface area, resulting in some insane levels of flavor, along with giving you the opportunity to avoid creating obnoxious hotspots. If you want to add a different tank on, you can using the tank connector. You’ve got the option to play with Ni200, SS316L, titanium, or kanthal coils, and you can really fine tune this depending on whether you want direct-to-lung or mouth-to-lung vaping. Choice is yours, because this mod is a performance hog!

So what do you think? Pretty nice deals and items, right? VaporFi Deals of the Week add some excitement into every week; our customers are always stoked about what’s to come next. We love offering the good stuff, and making it worthwhile to be a customer with added savings, so be on the lookout every week to see what we have in store. This week, as you’re now well aware, get your hands on some monumentally-flavorful Decadent Dip, and hook yourself up with a fantastic VaporFi VAIO 80W now at 10% OFF! These savings are awesome, and you’ve got just one week to deliberate; so get moving and start shopping!