how to make vape juice last longer

How to Make Vape Juice Last Longer 

People who vape are often using their vape juice too fast which leads them to a point where they have no e-liquid left to smoke. Shipping restrictions or delays can occur at any time as we’ve seen in the pandemic and when other issues with shipping operations occur like a strike. To combat this issue, you may want to extend the life of your juice as long as possible. Shipping complications can always occur and it is best to order new vape juice before you run out or ensure you are prolonging their life. Here are our tips for how to make your vape juice last longer.

Does Vape Juice Expire?

In terms of expiration, e-liquid is very shelf-stable as it can last up to two years before being opened. Over time, the e-liquid may lose potency and flavor, especially if left in direct sunlight or not stored at room temperature. The easiest way to test if your e-liquid has lost potency is to check the expiration date and taste it. Otherwise, the long shelf-life of e-liquid means you are able to stock up well in advance of usage.

How Can I Make My Vape Juice Last Longer?

There are multiple ways to increase the length of your vape juice.

  1. Increase Level of Nicotine - Each e-liquid has a certain concentration of nicotine within the juice. VaporFi offers many different levels, ranging from 0.0% (no nicotine) to the 3.6% “Bold” throat hit. Beginners are recommended to use lower concentrations, while experienced vapers may want to get a higher concentration. By doing so, you need fewer pulls to gather similar amounts of nicotine, keeping you satisfied faster and requiring less e-liquid. This can make your liquid last longer.
  2. Track Your Vaping Intake - Tracking your vaping habits can help you keep track of when and why you vape, and where you could cut down. Keep a journal, note on your phone, or download one of many vape-tracking apps designed to help you track your intake.
  3. Lower the Wattage - Many devices come in different wattage options, but why? Changing the wattage of your device can change everything from the temperature of the cloud to the rate of usage. Higher wattage means more vapor production, thereby going through your e-liquid quicker. A 40W or 50W vape will go through your flavor faster than a 20W.
  4. Raise the Ohms Coil - Ohms are a measure of resistance, meaning a higher ohm coil will resist energy at a higher level. A lower resistance coil has a similar effect as a high wattage device. More electricity is used, making the device produce more vapor and use e-liquid more quickly. Getting a high-ohm coil can lower the heat and use less e-liquid. However, the flavor will not be as strong as it would be with a hot throat hit at higher wattage with lower resistance.

Should E-Liquid be Refrigerated?

In short, no. Refrigerating has no benefits for your vaping experience, which makes sense considering vaping relies on heating the e-liquid rather than cooling it. Some e-liquids may be unaffected by refrigeration, but others could affect the stability of your liquid. Refrigerated juice may separate into different components or lose flavor over time. We do not recommend putting e-liquid in the fridge.

Why is My Vape Using So Much Liquid?

If you are running out of vape liquid quickly, the culprit may be easy to troubleshoot. First, consider the type of device you own. If it has a high wattage and low resistance, it will burn through your liquid quickly. If this is your issue, you can simply swap out a low resistance coil for one with higher resistance. You can find such replacement coils with VaporFi.

Get the Right Tools for Lasting Vape Juice at VaporFi

If the design of your device does not seem to lead to high usage, you may have an issue. Common sources of high e-liquid use are a damaged tank, an overfilled tank, a need to replace coils (as high-resistance coils can wear down over time), or liquid sticking to parts of the center tube. In order to find the issue, make sure you clean your device thoroughly, which can help clear the center tube and reset an overfilled tank. Find the replacement parts and mods you need online with VaporFi.