Joyetech eGo AIO vs SMOK Pen 22: Two Portable Powerhouses

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Specs eGo AIO Pen 22
Price $19.95 $19.95
Length 118mm 110mm
Diameter 19mm 22mm
Tank Capacity 2mL 2mL
Coils AIO BF Coils Pen 22 Coils
Battery 1500mAh 1650mAh


When two vaping industry titans go head to head, it can be tough to declare a winner. Pitting the Joyetech eGo AIO and SMOK 22 Vape Pen against each other is definitely a battle of the best, with each vaporizer bringing top-quality performance and features to the table. When you’re searching for an excellent beginner vape kit, you won’t be considering the same features and specs that you would be if you were looking at something more advanced. And although beginner-level vape pens do simplify the process somewhat, there are still plenty of specs to consider.

Comparing any vaping products can be such a subjective process that in many cases, no two vapers can completely agree. Because your make-it-or-break-it features are vastly different from the next vaper, it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons of different devices to decide which one works for you. Today, we’re making the process a little bit easier by breaking down the debate between the Joyetech eGo AIO and the SMOK 22. Here’s a handy rundown of the aesthetics, performance, and basic specs of these vaporizers, and how they stack up against each other.

eGo AIO vs Pen 22: Size and Style

ego aio vs smok pen 22 size and style

Although SMOK and Joyetech have both earned a reputation for their simplistic, sleek approach to vaporizer designs, the two brands definitely have very different signature styles. Many vapers find each brand’s vapes so distinctive that they’re able to recognize the maker right off the bat.

In classic Joyetech style, the eGo AIO has a simple, no-frills design that will speak to your inner traditionalist. It’s clear that Joyetech has focused on creating a utilitarian vape pen that’s an ideal option for the vaper who appreciates function and practicality above all else. However, that’s not to say that you can’t have a little fun choosing your device’s finish – the eGo AIO comes in a wide range of finish options, ranging from solid colors to crackle prints, wood grain, camouflage, chinoiserie, brushed bronze, and iridescent rainbow. Combining these creative finish options with the sleek body design creates a perfectly balanced look.

The SMOK 22 is similarly sleek and modern, without any large emblems or imagery to clutter up the design. You also have a range of color options with this device, but far less than you do with the Joyetech. The SMOK 22 comes in red, blue, black, stainless steel, and rainbow. A hint of orange is used as an accent color on every device, wrapping around the fire button and the top of the pen. In terms of aesthetic design, comparing the two shows that both have the look of high-end, well-made vapes, but with slightly different personalities.

The SMOK and Joyetech vape pens also differ slightly in their size. The SMOK 22 is just slightly larger, clocking in at 22mm diameter compared to the eGo AIO at 19mm. A difference of just a few millimeters, but worth considering if you have plans to stash it in your pocket or a small purse.

Examining Battery Power

Another notable difference between the two vape pens is their battery power. Although they vary by just 150mAh, for some vapers, that might be a big deal. The SMOK is marginally more powerful at 1650mAh, while the Joyetech maxes out at 1500mAh. Whichever model you choose, you’ll still have plenty of power to enjoy – more than many other vapes on the market.

In terms of convenience, both the Joyetech and SMOK have battery life indicators, so you’ll never be left wondering how much power is left. You can expect to charge both using a micro USB cable, which makes it easy to keep your battery ready to go. One major plus of the SMOK Pen 22 is that it features passthrough technology, which means that you’ll be able to vape even while its charging.

Ease of Use, Flavor, and Overall Performance

You can be confident that one thing these two starter kits share is excellent vapor and flavor production. Both Joyetech and SMOK have built a reputation as flavor experts, crafting devices that stay true to the taste of your favorite e-juice. Vapor production is similarly satisfying as well.

Both pens feature a 2mL e-juice capacity, so you’ll have a good amount of time between refills. Many vapers will also appreciate the top-fill designs of both the SMOK and Joyetech, which minimize mess and hassle. The devices again differ when it comes to airflow, the Joyetech offering adjustable airflow while the SMOK incorporates a fixed bottom airflow design. This aspect is connected largely to personal preference, and whether you enjoy making small adjustments to airflow or prefer to let the vape pen do its own thing.

The Final Verdict

When it comes down to it, both the Joyetech eGo AIO and the SMOK Pen 22 are excellent vape pens, outperforming many other brands and earning top ratings across the board. The differences they do have could be a deciding factor for some vapers, particularly those that are looking for something with specific features. However, you can be confident that no matter which brand you choose, you’ll score a well-made, high-quality vape pen that will provide endless vaping enjoyment.

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