If you’re looking for a great way to socialize and meet other vapers in your community, as well as learn about different techniques and devices in the vaping world, then competitive vaping conventions are for you.

Today, vapers regularly converge on cities across the nation to participate in cloud chasing vape competitions of all kinds.

How to Get Involved

The largest organization currently in charge of organizing competitive vaping events is the World Series of Cloud Chasing. Their website includes schedules and detailed information about qualifying to participate in an event.

Any vape shop can qualify to host an event, but they must first meet a few important requirements for the size and safety of the event.

As an individual, you can usually ask your local vape shop about competitions in the area or if they will be hosting an event in the near future.

Preparing to Compete

Cloud Chasing is far more complex than simply enjoying a vaporized treat throughout your day. Vaping conventions often feature discussion panels and demonstrations covering proper techniques and builds to achieve success.

Safely learning to manage your clouds requires a deep understanding of Ohm’s law, battery safety and breathing practices. Learning all of these different aspects of cloud chasing is what makes it such a fun event to watch and compete in.

It takes a ton of practice and knowledge to keep up with the masters. Fortunately, the people within the cloud chasing community are generally willing to share their tips and tricks, and help you understand how to improve your own efforts.

Choosing a Device

The best devices for cloud chasing are set up for ultimate customizability, but also have the ability to function within a wide range of resistance and wattage settings.

The VaporFi VOX 80 TC Mod is a perfect choice for aspiring cloud chasers. While 80W might not be the largest box on the market by any stretch, nor the most powerful, remember that cloud chasers are looking for more than simple wattage ratings. They look for balance, and this device delivers. With support for Titanium and Ni200 wires, it is a fully capable temperature control mod with a resistance range down to .1 Ohms, making it a natural for large clouds.

The VaporFi Venom RDA was designed for the advanced builder in mind. With dual posts and a wide building deck, you can work with multiple coils and lower resistances than ever before. The color changing feature is a neat addition, but the greatness of this device is in the sheer performance capabilities. The adjustable airflow ring is instrumental in creating vivacious clouds. It further drops the temperature control resistance down to .05 Ohms, even lower than the device it is paired with. The interchangeable drip tips make it easier for you to find the right fit for you.

Working tirelessly alongside the Venom RDA and the VOX 80 TC Mod, is the Viper Tank. The Viper features both top and bottom airflow control, further improving these devices’ ability to produce massive clouds. The 4 ml tank is plenty big enough to help you make it through each round of the cloud chasing contest. In addition, the Viper includes an extra layer of control with juice flow control. This allows you to simulate dripping and better regulate the way liquid flows through your device.

Vaping Conventions

Before you set out to compete in your first vape contest, take some time to visit a few vaping conventions and get an idea of how things are done. Most cloud chasing contests are broken down into several different categories, so you can study up and learn about how you can qualify for each event.

The WSOCC website also posts important information about individual events coming up and what they entail. Just join in the fun as a spectator at first and learn everything you can about vaping competition rules of engagement. Then you can go home and practice on your own before the next event.

There are tons of resources online as well that will help point you in the right direction. There are also many videos from competitive vapers who want to help others get started in the sport.

You can learn everything from specific builds for your VaporFi device, or simple breathing exercises to help you master your cloud production.


VaporFi has long been a staple of the competitive vaping arena, bringing our top notch products to the game and giving vapers a solid basis upon which to master their builds.

We have also introduced a wide range of safety features designed to work with your sub-ohm and competitive vaping needs. These include short circuit protection and other operations that will prevent the device from being damaged while you push it to its limits during cloud chasing competitions.