Every year we gather our friends and family, and we crowd around the television to watch yet another rendition of Hollywood’s biggest award show. And every year it seems to get a little bit longer, more political and sometimes outright contentious. In fact, the drama has gotten so intense, it’s nearly impossible to watch the ceremony without placing bets and playing a fair share of drinking and vaping games!

This year, we’ve crafted our very own vaping game to go along with the 2017 movie award season.

The Rules

Everyone knows award shows don’t begin with the first award. The show really begins with the red carpet interviews. On the plus side, there are plenty of potentially embarrassing moments that take place on the carpet every year, so this vaping game begins when the stars arrive.

On the Red Carpet:

  • Take a hit and shake your head in disappointment any time someone arrives wearing something your grandmother would consider appropriate as window dressings. Where do these prints and patterns come from?
  • Take a long drag and a shot to show some compassion any time one of the celebrities arrives at the event already hammered and can’t quite get it together for their interview.
  • Take a hit if it becomes painfully obvious Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are avoiding one another, either during interviews or in person.
  • Also take a hit if Johnny Depp shows up with a new woman despite all his controversy.
  • Enjoy a long drag the first time there is a major wardrobe malfunction.
  • Definitely don’t take a hit right before Chrissy Teigen arrives because she’s bound to roast somebody and we don’t want you to choke. Safety first, friends.

On the Main Stage

  • Blow vapor rings every time Jimmy Kimmel suggests he may be intimate with one of the male stars. Double time if it’s Ben Affleck or Matt Damon.
  • Whenever a nominee you don’t recognize wins an award, swap flavors with a friend. How could you have made it this far without knowing every single name on the list?
  • Take a hit of solidarity if someone trips on stage. We feel your pain.
  • Take a giant drag every time someone’s speech runs over their time limit, and hold it in until they are successfully played off the stage by background music.
  • Take a hit and pat yourself on the back for every award won by “Rogue One.” After all, none of this would have been possible if it weren’t for your undying fandom and willingness to badger every single person you know into going to see the movie with you for the eighth time.
  • Show off your favorite trick any time Deadpool causes havoc on the stage. It’s bound to happen.
  • Stop vaping and reflect on your life choices if “Sausage Party” gets anywhere near winning an award. Seriously. How did we get here?
  • Take a big vape and let it out with a sigh any time Ryan Gosling or “La La Land” land an award despite the other amazing options in each category.
  • Give Denzel Washington some love by blowing rings to him with your vape. Do the same for Natalie Portman.
  • Show off your most animated trick in celebration of whoever wins the prize for best animated feature. They’re all pretty great, after all.
  • Take a big vape and hold your breath to find out whether or not the documentary “OJ: Made in America” is guilty of winning the little gold man.
  • Take a hit and hold it in as long as it takes for you to Google all of the feature films you’ve never heard of until now.
  • Fill the room with vapor every time “Hacksaw Ridge” wins an award so you can really get a feel for the dusty, smoky atmosphere of the movie.


Important Safety Tips

These are just a few of our ideas to get you through 2017’s golden night of movie celebration. It is sure to be a lengthy adventure, and you will probably need to take a break or two.

Make sure your party is ready with plenty of good food and drinks to enjoy in between. Remember to have your spare batteries ready and some extra e-liquid flavors to choose from as you play along.

Have fun with it and add your own rules as you go. Naturally, there are plenty of unexpected events every year that are worth taking a hit for and celebrating with your friends. (Just don’t forget to thank the academy before the night is through!)
Your award show viewing party is sure to be a memorable event for you and all of your friends. Use this game to create great memories. Laugh together, cry together and vape together. Share your favorite flavors and devices, and savor every minute.

Make sure you tune in early to enjoy some of the red carpet shenanigans before the main event, too! Everyone knows that’s where the real drama happens.