The latest member of the Vandy Vape family is the Capstone RDA, an impressively-crafted RDA with a head-turning, pyramid-inspired design. The tank is a collaboration effort with Las Vegas shop VapeHappy and features a slew of innovative design elements that are sure to please even the most discerning vaper. Coming in at under fifty dollars and in a range of attractive colorways, the Vandy Vape Capstone is an exciting addition to the RDA market.

Here’s a quick breakdown of everything you want to know about the Capstone:

Manufacturing Quality

The Capstone RDA upholds the Vandy Vape legacy for manufacturing excellence, making the most of a stainless-steel construction that provides both durability and sleek aesthetics. Quality materials play nicely with the thoughtful design elements, setting the stage for plenty of enjoyable vape sessions. You’ll notice that the shape of the deck allows for a variety of airflow options, making the Capstone a visually stunning tank that also boasts excellent functionality.

Flavor Quality

One of the most impressive elements of the Capstone RDA is its spring-loaded build deck, which features a Ramp Airflow System that is crafted to create an inlet of concentrated airflow through the slots at the base. Because of the nature of the design, even serious cloud chasers will be satisfied by the amount of vapor that’s produced by the Capstone. However, every vaper knows that it’s not just the quantity of vapor that counts, but the quality as well – and the Capstone manages to hit it out of the park there as well with incredibly high flavor quality.

Vandy Vape Capstone Power
Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash


Another benefit of the Capstone is that it utilizes a controlled power – unlike some RDAs that max out on power but fail on quality performance, this tank balances the best of both worlds. You’ll have a steady supply of power at your fingertips, intelligently designed to provide an excellent vape experience every time.


Options are the name of the game when it comes to the Capstone, with its nearly incomparable flexibility and ability to suit a wide range of vape styles. Choose between single and dual coil systems on the spring-loaded build deck, and then pick your favorite between the included Capstone Pyramid Cap or the Frosted PC Comp Cap. If squonking is more your style, the Capstone has provided that option as well – the waterfall effect makes for an efficient and highly satisfying squonk experience.

The Capstone allows for minute adjustments to the airflow as well, with each cap offering a range of possibilities to suit your personal preferences.

Vandy Vape Capstone Ease of Use
Photo By Nicat Nasibli on Shutterstock

Ease of Use

A high-quality vape tank is no good if it’s a nightmare to work with, but the Capstone manages to combine both impressive features and flexibility with a high degree of user-friendliness. The design makes it simple to calibrate your ideal vape experience, and thoughtful elements contribute to a tank that’s enjoyable to work with. The spring-loaded deck is secured by a single screw, and the tank includes a handy tool to measure coil length.


The Capstone clocks in at 24mm and 105g, so it won’t add an annoying amount of bulk to your device. With a 6mm deep juice well that minimizes refills, it’s ideal for taking on the go.


The Capstone is a can’t-miss RDA option for vapers at all levels, especially those looking for a high-quality balance of flavor and vapor quality plus ease of use. The gorgeous design makes a visual impression right off the bat, following that with a high-performance functionality and level of innovation that raises the bar for RDAs everywhere.

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