"Vape God" Reveals the Inspirations Behind His Epic Clouds

VaporFi News Austin Lawrence
Hidden in the town of New Brunswick, New Jersey is a little vape shop by the name of Vertigo Vaporium. This vape shop is owned by the Lawrence brothers who opened the shop after Austin Lawrence quit smoking a few years ago and took up vaping.

Since opening, the younger Lawrence brother has turned the shop into a tourist attraction and himself into a veritable web celebrity.

Getting Started

At the age of 18, Austin Lawrence decided to quit smoking and switch to vaping. During the first few months of vaping, he spent the majority of his time learning about the technology and build of his vaporizer. He spent hours online, watching tutorials about different vaporizers and getting to know his device.

Soon, he would begin experimenting with the vapor itself.

Learning the Basics

After building his ideal device, Austin Lawrence became enamored with blowing vapor rings and learning how to make his shapes more pronounced and clean. He spent a considerable amount of time learning the proper techniques for creating a sharp cloud, as well as how to manipulate the air around the vapor to further manipulate the shape of the clouds. Then he began creating his own tricks.

The Vape Shop Film Studio

Once Austin was confident in his ability to master the basics, he took to social media to show off his skills. His older brother would film while Austin performed a variety of tricks using vapor alone.

According to Austin, his inspiration comes from all kinds of movies, watching characters smoke, or from things in nature. He is credited with creating a number of unique tricks during his three-to-four-hours-long practice sessions every day.

Once he has a trick perfected, he films it and quickly uploads it to Instagram and other sites. The results? He has amassed more than 320,000 followers, and has earned a connection to music superstar Drake – all because of his vaping skills.

What Comes Next?

Austin Lawrence notes that he posts two to three videos per week showcasing new tricks that he has created. His vapor shop has been painted a dark color to serve as a backdrop for all of his video clips.

Thus, whenever you see a new video posted, it is sure to come from the vape shop where you can meet the "Vape God" himself. He also gives advice about how to perform simple tricks and create your own.

All told, Austin spends the majority of his time just happily vaping away, trying to think up something new and challenging to do with his vapor art. So far he has mastered forming triangles, lassos, jellyfish and more.