One of the best reasons to vaping is being able to do vape tricks! Sure it’s not as much of a necessity as making sure you’ve got the right nicotine level or the most powerful personal vaporizer device, but tricks sure add some fun into the routine! So, wanna make sure you’ve got one up on your friends?

How to Begin With Vape Tricks

Before you even attempt your first vapor trick there are a few things you should consider. First, you want to be in a place where you can clearly see what your vapor is doing. A room with a dark wall is best because you can easily see your vapor against the flat backdrop.

In addition, you may want to turn off the AC or any fans that are running. An errant wisp of wind from the air conditioner can send your perfect vapor rings into a million pieces. Having still air will make it easier to see what you’re doing well and what you need to work on without interference.

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An advanced mod like the SMOK Devilkin is crucial to performing the best vape tricks.

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Here’s how to do the vapor tricks you need to know and master:

1. Vape Rings

Simple but rad, you’ve got to know how to make rings. Here’s how: Puff on your vape pen and inhale your vapor and hold it inside your mouth. Then, make a circle shape with your mouth and release the vapor slowly. For optimal rings, place your tongue near the opening of your mouth. Watch those cool rings flow!

2. Massive vapor clouds

Vape Tricks and Huge Vape Clouds - VaporFiThis is the par excellence of tricks. Once you get the hang of it, it’s super simple. Here’s how: inhale a huge amount of vapor and hold it for as long as you can. Then as delicately as possible, release it and blow it in a continuous stream.

3. Dragonesque

Wanna look like a dragon when you exhale? You’re not the only one! On the exhale, release a big hit all at once, through the corners of your mouth as well as through your nose.

The best way to accomplish this multi-tasking feat is to practice blowing vapor out both sides of your mouth first before you try adding the nasal exhale. You have to figure out just how to form your mouth to effectively expel the vapor all at once.

4. Vape Bubbles

Vape Bubbles and Other Vape Tricks - VaporFiHow’s this for amusing? You’ll never come up with a better party trick! This one’s great if you have time to spare, and nothing better to do. You need an old toilet paper roll, excessively soapy water, and your vape mod. Dip one end of the toilet paper roll into the water like a bubble wand. Take a large hit, and then exhale slowly into the other end of the role. When the bubble is to your liking in size, poke at it, and watch the vapor release! Poof! Who invented this? It’s genius!

5. Vape-Nado

Tornadoes are cool, vapor-nados are cooler! How to do the vape-nado: inhale a huge hit, and exhale it onto a reasonably sized flat surface like a tabletop. As the vapor releases into a long stream, use your fingertip to create the tornado motion, swirling within the vapor. You must do this indoors, and make sure there is no blowing wind or air.

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Learn Speed Control

Once you’ve mastered the basic tricks above there are a few other tips and tricks you should pick up. The first is speed control. For instance, if you can blow multiple rings one after another, you can blow them at different speeds.

One ring can go through the center of the one ahead of it, or you can send rings on a crossways path in a pattern. Learning how to maintain your form, while controlling the speed of the vapor movement, is an important part of mastering more advanced tricks.

Adding Hand Action

Another important element is learning how to use your hands to extract tendrils of vapor from your main forms. You can also shape-shift your vapor by using your hands to push the air into triangles, squares and more.

When it comes to vapor tricks, even the slightest swish of air can completely change how your vapor cloud moves. Forming a shape with your hands and blowing a ring through the shape is also a good way to experiment.

With Vape Tricks, Think Outside the Box

The tricks you can perform with vapor are not limited to the things you can do with your mouth or your hands. You can use all kinds of props to add effects to your tricks. The most common tools include bowls and other containers and tables that will afford you a flat surface on which to build up vapor.

Ahhhh vape tricks! What would we do without these awesome little ditties that help make any mundane vape session obscenely exciting? The more you vape, the more you’ll learn to try new tricks. You’ll also start to come up with tricks of your own that you can share with the world via video!

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