VaporFi Rebel 3Here at VaporFi we pride ourselves on our commitment to bringing you, our vape community, the absolute best there is to offer, which is why we have decided to give our Rebel series a ssseeeeerrrious upgrade with the release of our Rebel 3 Vaporizer kit. Stylish. Efficient. Convenient. Big things come in small packages with our new VaporFI Rebel 3 vaporizer as it is our most powerful battery released to date! This small, but mighty vaporizer is perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle when it comes to size, but will produce some massive clouds with a remarkable battery life. Keeping up with the same design format as previous versions, this new and improved Rebel is a powerhouse! Constructed from Stainless Steel with a 5.8ml vape juice capacity, the Rebel 3 ensures durability and longevity without compromising convenience and ease of use.

Its cylindrical shape perfectly contours to the user’s hand and fits right into your pocket to keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle. There is no lock-ring to worry about, and it has a snazzy firing button on its side. The accompanying tank bears a 510 spring loaded connector with heat dissipation holes at the bottom. Furthermore, this tank also gives users the ability to check the vape juice levels by turning the Rebel 3 on the side to peer through the large windows in the tank.  Different from other direct output batteries in the market, the Rebel 3 is equipped with multiple protections like over 10s protection and overload protection. This will insure a safer and more stable vaping device for users.

We’ve added all the extras into such a small device as well. Designed right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A., the intriguing small light on the side of the Rebel 3 indicates its battery power after its button’s utilization.  If the light stays on for a second or two without flashing, the battery capacity is between 60% and 100%.  If the light blinks slowly, the capacity is between 30% and 59%.  When the light flashes moderately, the battery capacity is between 10% and 29%; if it flashes rapidly, the battery level is below 10%.  Hence, if the battery is too low for vaping, the light will blink quickly as an indication.

All-in-all, this is a fantastic device for a heavy vaper as it will last even the cloudiest of cloud chasers the entire day without slowing down. This Rebel 3 is easy to take apart and re-fill with plenty of space on the sides for refilling that large 5.8ml tank. Additionally, the Rebel 3 runs on a 0.5 ohm ohm coil. Why did we do this? Great question! The 0.5-ohm atomizer is best for vapers that enjoy a lung hit style of vaping like most cloud chasing vapers. Devices like this are statement pieces in the vaping world, hence the name Rebel. This device rebels against everything you know about vaporizers and tanks. Many people associate big devices with big clouds. But we were taught at a young age not to judge a book its cover. Size does not always dictate power, vapor production, or purity, and the Rebel 3 starter kit is a prime example of this!

The Rebel 3 will begin shipping on July 14, 2016 but is available for Pre-order at a special discounted price!