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What is TCR Mode on a Vape?

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As the vaping industry advances, it can often seem like vaporizers are becoming more and more complicated. With features like temperature control, puff counters, and a variety of operating modes, you might be wondering – what does it all mean? The good news is, there are several aspects of vaping that are far simpler than they seem at first glance. One of these aspects is the subject of many customer questions received by the VaporFi team in the wake of our V-Grip 220 TC Mod release: TCR mode.

What is TCR Mode on a Vape?

TCR is an acronym that stands for Temperature Coefficient of Resistance – which probably doesn’t make the subject any clearer. Although this may sound complicated, it boils down to a relatively straightforward function. Vape TCR mode has to do with the specific resistance and heat that corresponds to a particular type of alloy (metal) that’s used in an atomizer coil. In simplest terms, less resistance equals more heat at a faster rate.

Depending on the alloy used to make the coil, the relationship between the potential heat and resistance level will change. As a result, different TCR values are used to label different types of coils, to help your device determine the best temperature for vaping with that specific alloy. This feature ensures that you (and your vape mod) are safe.

How Does TCR Mode Benefit Me?

Determining the correct TCR value can be a complicated, technical process – which is why vaping manufacturers are creating devices that can do the work for you. Many new models and coils, like the Joyetech AIO BF Coils, incorporate this technology to help you avoid damaging your device or running into a dangerous problem. So even though the addition of TCR mode vapes might seem like a new complication to deal with, it’s intended to make it easy to enjoy your vape session safely.

How Do I Use TCR Mode on a Vape?

If you’re using a device that already has default settings for the coils you’re pairing it with, you won’t need to worry about TCR mode. However, the special feature does come into play when you want to use coils that may not be inherently compatible with your current device. By manipulating the settings, you can create the perfect conditions for the coils and device to match up.

For example, if your mod is preset for SS 304 coils, but you want to run it with SS 316 coils, you can use TCR mode to calibrate the temperature setting to match your SS 316 coils. Depending on your coils, you might need to do a little bit of research to find the correct TCR settings.

At VaporFi, we are more than happy to help you figure out TCR mode on your device. Feel free to contact our support team to learn more about TCR mode and how it can make your vape better (and safer) than ever before.

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