Working in a vape shop is a great way to make some money while surrounding yourself with people who share your interest. Most vape shops offer a relaxed atmosphere where you can interact with people and explore. However, it takes a special kind of person to understand the complex inner workings of a vape shop as well.

Helping People

According to vape shop employees, one of the best parts of working in a vape store is having the chance to help people who want to give up smoking. Many vapers have already made this journey for themselves and can relate to the struggles that their customers are facing. Customers who are merely curious about vaping can receive guidance, and vape shop employees can share some of their experience. They can even send people home with literature and information to share with their loved ones about choosing a safer alternative.

Choosing E-Liquids

Once someone has decided that they’re ready to try vaping, the next task is helping them find a suitable e-liquid. Over time this task becomes broader as experienced vapers look for the hottest new e-liquids and get more adventurous.

As a vape shop employee you can help ease people into the transition by finding them an e-liquid that really fits their tastes. The importance of this task is nothing short of monumental because a bad first impression may turn them off of vaping. Your recommendations really carry weight here. The same is true of finding new e-liquids for advanced vapers. They may be more willing to experiment and take risks, but a bad experience with one flavor may cause them to write off an entire brand.

Getting Excited About Products

Another big part of being a vape store employee is being the first to see and try the latest products on the market. You can’t share your knowledge with customers until you are familiar with the devices yourself. Being able to preview new products and put them to the test is the best way to get to know your product.

Your customers will appreciate your knowledge when they are comparing two options side by side and you can give feedback on both. If you follow all the latest vaping news, it’s exciting to get hands on the new products coming through the door.

Being a Family

Most vape shops only employ a handful of people and focus on serving their local community. Every day that you come into work, you see the same faces and get to know the people who are there. It is a tightly knit group of people who form strong relationships unlike working for a big business. You will also become familiar with regular customers and can share a nice relaxing vape with them in between ringing up people at the register.

Hosting Events

Many vape shops host events, including vaping competitions and workshops. Vape shop employees may be expected to participate in events as hosts. This includes promoting and sharing with everyone they know, and directing customers at the event as needed.

Sometimes these events happen outside of normal business hours, which may require taking extra time out of your weekend to participate. But honestly, if you love vaping enough to work in a vape shop you probably love vaping enough to enjoy the event as well.

Checking IDs

Behind the scenes of any vape shop is also a requirement to keep up with important news and regulations. Vape shops are subject to a wide range of rules that include ID laws to prevent the sale of nicotine products to minors as well as documentation of all products for safety. When an inspector walks through the doors, vape shop employees need to be prepared to answer questions with authority and knowledge and provide evidence that they are in compliance with the rules.

Vape shop employees must be constantly vigilant against sting operations trying to catch people selling to minors. This has become increasingly common with teens coming in trying to buy vapor products so they can try cloud chasing for themselves.

Planning for the Future

Another big part of being a vape shop employee is informing your vape customers about changes coming in federal vaping regulations. Since federal vaping rules will likely have a big impact on the industry as a whole, vapers need to know what to expect. If products or e-liquid flavors will no longer be available, they deserve the opportunity to stock up and get ready, or to get active in their communities and lobby for change.


At VaporFi, we know that if you love vaping and you want to share your love with other people, a vape shop may be the perfect place for you. Just don’t forget that there is a lot of hard work that goes into running a vape shop properly and building a trustworthy business within the community.