If you are preparing to open up your own vape shop, you first need to understand the ins and outs of how to build a brand. Your vaping empire will rely heavily on your ability to gain loyal customers and provide them with high-quality products, but first you need to get your name out there so that they will know who they are working with when they have a great experience.

That’s where the idea of branding comes into play.

Why Branding?

Sure, your vape shop is going to carry top name-brand vape devices and e-liquids, but relying on other people’s brands is not enough to launch you to your own success. You have to build your own name, in association with those brands, so that customers know who they can go to for their favorite products.

In the vape world, this means being the shop with the most recent releases, the newest flavors and the best customer service. This also usually means being the shop that pays close attention to vaping trends and is willing to help new vapers get started.

How to Build a Brand with Images

Your customers need a name and an image that they can associate with your shop. Your logo and shop name will be the most important parts of your vape shop branding.

Every time a new customer comes into your shop and receives great service, they will associate the positive experience with the image on the side of your building.

Your logo and name don’t have to be too complex or crazy. In fact, the simpler, the better. Just make sure it is something easy to remember and recognize among all the other vape shops out there.

Know Where You’re Headed

Many small shop owners get caught up in the rush of owning their own business and fail to lay down a concrete plan for their brand. The only way to successfully build your brand is to clearly outline what your goals are and what your brand represents.

Your brand should represent the authenticity of your products, quality, and friendliness towards people in your community. You need to be committed to bringing these characteristics to the table every single day to ensure your brand stays on track.

Be a Leader

So, now that you’ve got your logo, name, and you know what you want your brand to become, it’s time to take the reins and really start building your reputation. One of the best ways to do this is to establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

The good news is that there are so many new devices and flavors being released each year that you have plenty of material with which to work. Start a blog, review the latest products, do comparisons, and maybe some step-by-step directions for newbies.

Over time, all of this information builds up into a massive library that your customers can search whenever they are in need of an expert opinion. People will come to rely on your advice more and more, and they will know that they can always come to you for an honest assessment of what they need. Just remember, authenticity is key here too.

Be Welcoming

You need to convince customers to come through your doors before you can start building long-term relationships. When learning how to start a vape business, one of the biggest assets you have is the fact that vapers are a very tight-knit community.

It’s your job to build on this by offering community events. Many vape shops now host small workshops or seminars, taste testings, and more. These kinds of events bring new and old vapers alike, and encourage people to bring their friends to learn more. With this approach, you can make your shop so much more than just a local retailer.

Be Flexible

Vape shops are popping up around the nation. They all start out with bright banners and lots of fanfare, but many of them quickly die away. To survive the first few months of your new business, you need to be flexible in your branding approach.

Remember that fliers don’t quite cut it anymore. You need to participate in local discussions, create email subscription lists, join forums and reach customers through every available avenue. As time goes on, you will need to juggle a social media presence, in-store events and more to continue growing.


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