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Best Vape Juices of 2019

Top-Rated E-Juices of 2019

Rank #1
Classic Tobacco Vape Juice
It doesn't get much more classic than good old-fashioned tobacco! Experience all of the rich, robust, and decidedly classic flavors of tobacco with a bottle of Classic Tobacco from VaporFi!
Build Quality /10
Versatility /10
Value /10
Form Factor /10
Ease of Use /10
Rank #2
Blue Koi CBD Vape Juice (30mL)
Curious about CBD? There's no better way to experience all of the possible enjoyment that CBD offers than Koi's incredible Blue Koi CBD e-liquid! If you think CBD might be a good fit for you - definitely don't skip this one!
Build Quality /10
Versatility /10
Value /10
Form Factor /10
Ease of Use /10

VaporFi Best Vape Juices Guide


For many vapers, one of the highlights of their vaping hobby is the fun and excitement of trying new vape juice flavors. With literally thousands of varieties to choose from, you could easily experiment with a new e-liquid every week for years to come. There’s no end to the flavor possibilities, and there truly is an e-juice to satisfy any craving – sweet, savory, or otherwise. On top of the numerous brands and flavor options out there, you can also try creating your own custom flavor combinations – a unique vape juice experience offered by VaporFi. Adding to your e-liquid collection and acquiring a selection of flavors that fit your tastes can be one of the most enjoyable parts of your vaping hobby.

With so many options out there, it’s not surprising that shopping for e-juice can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. Having a near-infinite number of flavors is part of the fun, but it’s also part of the challenge. There are many different factors to consider when choosing an e-juice (nicotine, cloud production, etc.), and understanding where your personal vaping preferences lie will help you find your e-juice match made in heaven. Whether you’re a brand new vaper trying to choose a few starter flavors or a cloud-chasing vet in search of something new, it can be helpful to have a guide to use when e-juice shopping.

The VaporFi team has put together this comprehensive guide to vape juice, including our top picks for every flavor category, how to choose your e-liquid, and some basic information about e-juice. Use it as a reference during your e-juice shopping experience and prepare to enjoy your most delicious vape yet.

Why Choose VaporFi Vape Juices?

Odds are, you’ve already realized that there are plenty of online sources for vape juices – but it’s important to know that not all e-liquid is created equal. It can be tempting to shop the metaphorical dollar bin for e-juice, especially if you’re unsure if you’ll like a new flavor. However, there are plenty of reasons why that’s a surefire way to end up with a less-than-stellar vaping experience. You could end up with e-juice that’s been contaminated with a long list of unnecessary chemicals, made with cheap ingredients, improperly labeled, or even produced in an unclean facility – definitely not worth saving a couple of dollars.

When you choose VaporFi vape juices, you’re guaranteeing yourself a product that’s been carefully crafted with top-quality ingredients. It’s important to our team that our customers receive e-liquids only we ourselves would use, so we maintain extremely high standards for each and every bottle that comes off our production line. Our flavors are incomparable, our production facilities are expertly operated and maintained, and our commitment to producing a quality product is unshakeable. Plus, with great deals like the Auto Delivery Program and the Blend of the Month Club, you’ll end up getting serious bang for your buck.

How to Choose the Right Vape Juice for You

At first glance, flavor might seem like the most important thing to consider when shopping for vape juice. The taste is definitely important – we can’t argue with that – but there are also a few other things to think about when choosing your e-liquid. Having a clear understanding of these factors will help you choose the right e-juice to fit your vaping style and preferences.

Nicotine Strength:

It’s important to find the right nicotine strength for you – too little and you might find yourself overcompensating with extra vape sessions; too much and you’ll be stuck with headaches and an increased dependence on it. No matter where you start, you can always work on tapering down your nicotine level if desired.


Of course, flavor wasn’t a factor we could leave off this list. This one is fairly self-explanatory – keep your flavor preferences in mind as you shop. If you can’t stand the apple pie your mom bakes every year for the Fourth of July, then odds are an apple pie-flavored juice won’t be something you enjoy. However, if a morning coffee is your daily must-have, then a coffee-flavored e-juice is probably right up your alley. That being said, don’t be afraid to try unexpected flavor combinations – you just might discover something you love.

Cloud Production:

Cloud production is a major part of the vaping experience, and largely boils down to the VG/PG ratio of your vape juice. You’ll most commonly see a 60/40 or 50/50 ratio, but VaporFi allows you to completely customize the numbers to create your perfect balance. More PG equals a stronger flavor but less vapor, while more VG can produce huge clouds – but adds a slightly sweet element that changes the flavor a bit.

Best Vape Juices Overall - Staff Picks

When we asked the VaporFi team what their favorite vape juices were, you can bet we got a huge variety of answers and pretty passionate opinions – what can we say, apparently e-juice flavors are serious business!

Here are the top 10 e-juices that everyone agreed are the can’t-miss flavors in the VaporFi collection:

Very Berry Slushie

Everyone remembers the taste of that sweet, icy slushie you’d get at the gas station for a road trip treat – a fruit combination of berry flavors. The Very Berry Slushie flavor perfectly captures that taste, combining blueberry and raspberry with a twist of watermelon and colada for clouds that taste just like summer. Tart but sweet, fresh but sugary, this VaporFi juice flavor is one of our team’s top favorites.


Every e-liquid collection should have a few simple flavor classics like Strawberrylicious. The sweet taste of a perfectly ripe strawberry is at the heart of this e-juice, keeping things simple but utterly delicious. If you enjoy making your own flavor blends (whether at home or using the awesome VaporFi tool), Strawberrylicious is a great pairing with many other flavors. Like many VaporFi juices, this one lets you customize your VG/PG ratio and flavor strength, so you can really hit your ideal flavor and vapor balance to create the perfect vape experience.

Catch Ya Latte

You know that first perfect sip of a freshly-made latte, the delicious warmth as the rich espresso and frothy milk hits your taste buds? That’s exactly what the Catch Ya Latte vape juice is like, which is why it’s earned serious fame in the vaping community. If you haven’t tried this coffee-inspired flavor yet, odds are you’ve heard at least a few of your fellow vapers raving about it. The first note that comes out of the gate is full-bodied espresso, rounded out by a gentle hint of milk. Hazelnuts and caramel add a sweet, nutty element to complete this e-liquid experience. It’s a great early morning flavor, combining an enjoyable vape with a delicious latte for an excellent start to your day.


One look at the fun packaging of the Joosylicious vape juice, and you’ll probably have a good idea of its tasty flavor profile – sweet, fruit bubble gum. Unlike the chewy squares of bubble gum from your childhood, Joosylicious won’t disappoint you with fast-fading flavor. You’ll be able to enjoy a rush of bubble gum and fruit notes with every puffy vapor cloud, accented by notes of watermelon, strawberry, and kiwi. This e-juice has a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, so you can expect some pretty impressive vapor production as well – fluffy, sweet, and 100 percent pop-proof.


The somewhat unusual name of this particular vape juice has a lot to do with its delicious combination of caramel and tobacco flavors. The “RY” VaporFi juices mix tobacco and caramel, with these blends fall on a spectrum of 1 to 4 – 1 is the strongest tobacco flavor with the slightest hint of caramel, while 4 has the most generous dose of caramel, with whispers of tobacco woven throughout. RY4 is a great option for sweet tooth vapers and classic tobacco lovers alike, appealing to a wide variety of tastes. It’s sweet but not too sweet, and the touch of tobacco adds the perfect robust note for a satisfying flavor finish.

Juicy Fruit

The name of this VaporFi e-liquid might just remind you of a classic chewing gum – both share a sweet, fruity flavor blend that’s created by pairing two of everyone’s favorite fruits. Watermelon and strawberry come together to create a sweet, juicy flavor that’s super refreshing, perfect for a warm summer day or a laid back vape session. It’s one of our most popular flavors, not just because of its enjoyable taste but also because of the VG/PG ratio possibilities. You can choose between 70/30, 50/50, or MAX VG, making it easy to hit your cloud production goals with this fruity juice.

Bites Vanilla Caramel Swirl

The Bites Vanilla Caramel Swirl vape juice produces fluffy clouds that perfectly capture the sweet satisfaction of a caramel sundae, topped with fluffy cream. It’s a great option for satisfying a persistent sweet tooth without risking extra calories or cavities, putting the delicious flavor of caramel-topped ice cream in your pocket for an anytime treat. When our flavor experts were crafting the Bites Vanilla Caramel Swirl juice, they decided that vanilla and caramel alone weren’t enough and added a note of Bavarian cream to the mix – after all, what’s a sundae without whipped topping?

Very Vanilla

As any vanilla connoisseur will tell you, there’s a huge difference between a rich, flavorful vanilla and one that’s dull and lacking. The VaporFi Very Vanilla was made with the discerning vanilla lover in mind, carefully crafted to achieve the perfect amount of robust vanilla taste. It’s sweet, creamy, unadulterated vanilla, earning a stamp of approval from even the most serious vanilla enthusiasts on the VaporFi crew. For days when classic vanilla isn’t enough, you can easily use Very Vanilla as an excellent base flavor for mixing with fruit, coffee, and other flavor notes.

Watermelon Wave

Ride the sweet, fruity wave of flavor with VaporFi’s Watermelon Wave. It’s fresh, sweet, and everything you love about the quintessential summer treat, with the power to transport you to a beautiful warm day at the pool, the beach, or a family barbecue. All too often, lower-quality vape juices miss the watermelon mark, leaving you with overly sweet juice that tastes like chemicals. Luckily, Watermelon Wave isn’t one that will disappoint, so you’ll be able to count on the taste of a fresh slice of watermelon whenever the craving calls. Customize the VG/PG ratio, nicotine level, and flavor strength for a customized experience.

Deep Fried Apple Pie

As if fresh-baked apple pie wasn’t delicious enough, we’ve taken it to a new level of deep-fried decadence. You’ll be impressed to find out perfectly our Deep-Fried Apple Pie vape juice captures the layers of flavor in this summertime dessert: the crispy, flaky shell paired with the tender apple slices coated in brown sugar and cinnamon. For many vapers, this particular e-juice is their favorite hack for enjoying a fairground favorite on an anytime basis.

Best-Selling Vape Juices

You’ve heard from the VaporFi team, now it’s time to let the customers have their say. Here are our top five best-selling vaping juices, earning top marks and repeat buys from the VaporFi community:

Classic Tobacco

It probably comes as no surprise that our Classic Tobacco vape juice is our best-selling flavor, beating out a long list of other flavors by a mile. So many people join the vaping community as a step away from traditional tobacco cigarettes, but they find themselves missing the rich, robust taste of tobacco. Thanks to our Classic Tobacco e-liquid, you can enjoy that timeless flavor without ever having to pick up a pack of cigarettes. It offers a comfortable familiarity among the sea of fruity, sweet, and unusual flavor combinations.

American Red Tobacco

For most people, their idea of the American West stars a familiar character – the rough and tumble cowboy, comfortably riding horseback with an old-fashioned cigarette in hand. The VaporFi American Red Tobacco vape juice offers a trip back in time, perfectly capturing the depth of flavor found within that old-timey cigarette. The rich notes of tobacco will roll off your tongue with every inhale and exhale, giving you a powerful urge to adopt the swagger and stance of a Wild West cowboy. Yet another one of the many highly-customizable VaporFi juices, American Red Tobacco gives you the option to choose your VG/PG ratio, nicotine level, and flavor strength.

Menthol Freeze

The brisk, refreshing taste of menthol is an e-juice classic – but for many people, taking menthol to the next level of iciness is really where it’s at. VaporFi’s Menthol Freeze turns up the ice factor on classic menthol, sweeping your senses with an incredible minty flavor that’s sure to wake you up. Enjoying a good vape session with Menthol Freeze is akin to taking a dip in a glacial spring, awakening every fiber of your being and preparing you to tackle whatever lays ahead. Fresh, icy and packed with minty goodness, Menthol Freeze is a must-have in any collection.

Sahara Gold Tobacco

You fire up your vaporizer and breathe in that first, satisfying puff and let the flavor wash over you. Suddenly, you’re trekking across the Sahara Desert on camelback, indulging in an ancient tobacco that’s been around for centuries – at least, that’s what it feels like when you vape with VaporFi’s Sahara Gold Tobacco e-juice. It’s inspired by the small-leaf tobacco that’s been used in many ancient cultures, a flavor that’s slightly different from the traditional, American-style tobacco. For passionate tobacco lovers, the Sahara Gold is a new take on an old favorite, with all the familiar notes and a hint of the exotic.

Mighty Menthol

Menthol makes a second appearance on our list of best-sellers with Mighty Menthol, a customer-favorite that’s powerfully refreshing without going over the top. For many menthol lovers, a middle-ground mint is exactly what they’re looking for, which is why Mighty Menthol is so appealing. It leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean, just like the after-dinner mint you grab at your favorite restaurant.

Best Tobacco Flavored Vape Juice

Classic Tobacco

When it came time to select our number one tobacco-flavored vape juice, going with Classic Tobacco was a total no-brainer. It’s our top-selling e-juice across the board, beating out all other flavors – including every other tobacco blend. There are some flavors that you just don’t mess with, because the original version is so good. Classic Tobacco definitely proves that, providing you with the enjoyable taste of rich, traditional tobacco. It’s just the right combination of robust and gentle, taking your taste buds on a distinct flavor journey without overwhelming them. Take the tar and ash out of your tobacco cigarette habit, and enjoy a refreshing vape with Classic Tobacco instead.

Best Menthol Flavored Vape Juice

Menthol Freeze

The people have spoken, and it seems they like their menthol with a generous side of ice. Our Menthol Freeze vape juice is the most refreshing menthol blend on the market, taking you to new levels of chilly, menthol goodness. The glacial chill of the powerful menthol flavor is perfect for any time of day, whether you’re looking for a good morning wake-up call or need to shake off an afternoon slump. Create your ideal version of the Menthol Freeze e-liquid with a custom VG/PG blend, nicotine level, and flavor strength.

Best Fruit Flavored Vape Juice


There are hundreds of fruit-flavored vape juices in the VaporFi line-up alone, but you can’t go wrong with a tried and true classic. One of the reasons that Strawberrylicious tops our list of fruity e-juices is that it so perfectly captures the authentic flavor of fresh-picked strawberries. You’ll feel like you’re biting into a strawberry that was harvest at peak ripeness, wonderfully sweet and packed with berry flavor. There’s just a hint of tartness to round out the flavor, keeping it from venturing into sugary candy territory. Strawberrylicious is great on its own, but is also worth having for your flavor experimentations – mix it up with vanilla, chocolate, or any one of the many flavors it pairs so well with.

Best Dessert Flavored Vape Juice


The dessert-flavored vape juice pool is massive, and there are so many tasty e-juices that use layer upon layer of complex flavor combinations to satisfy your sweet tooth. However, we’ve found that many vapers actually like to have at least one dessert-inspired e-liquid that keeps things simple – and that juice is RY4. The rich notes of sweet caramel are deliciously decadent, wonderfully sugary and indulgent. The back end of the vapor flavor comes through with a gentle hint of tobacco, leveling out your sugar rush for a just-right dessert experience.

Best Premium Vape Juice


Sometimes, you’re just looking for a little something to treat yourself, something extra-special for top-notch vape session. In those cases, Joosylicious is exactly what you need. It’s one of VaporFi’s premium vape juices, getting a little extra attention from the initial flavor development to the final touches on the packaging. The flavor is sweet but light, overflowing with notes of bubble gum, strawberry, kiwi, and watermelon. Each and every element of the multi-fruit flavor comes through in its own distinct way, creating a delicious experience that’s just like that first perfect chew of your favorite bubble gum.

Best Breakfast Flavored Vape Juice


The breakfast-flavor category of vape juices can be highly divisive. For some vapers, sweet and syrupy is exactly what they’re looking for in a morning vape session, while others can’t stand a sugar high too early in the day. However, here at VaporFi, we’ve found that just about every vaper can agree that there’s one morning must-have that’s universally appealing: the rich taste of a hazelnut latte. Our Hazelnut e-juice is subtly sweet and deliciously nutty, a tasty representation of your morning coffee. Pair it with a vanilla e-juice for an extra touch of sweetness, or with a hint of chocolate to create a mocha-flavored vapor.

Best Coffee Flavored Vape Juice

Catch Ya Latte

Beloved by the VaporFi crew and our customers alike, the Catch Ya Latte vape juice earned its claim to fame when it won the title of 2015 Vape Summit Award Winner. Coffee can be a tricky flavor to get right when crafting a vape juice, but our experts refused to compromise. Thus, Catch Ya Latte was born, blending all the best elements of a perfectly-brewed latte. Full-bodied espresso is followed closely by the taste of steamed milk, then blended with caramel and hazelnut to create a multi-dimensional flavor experience you’re sure to enjoy.

Best Alcohol Flavored Vape Juice

Rum N Cherry Cola

It goes without saying that rum and cola is one of the most iconic alcoholic drinks out there, topping the list of favorite cocktails for many people. It’s refreshing and delicious, full of flavor with a delightful touch of sweetness. Our Rum N Cherry Cola captures everything you love about the drink: fizzy cola, fruity cherry, and the distinctly robust taste of rum. Customize your PG/VG blend depending on your preference for balancing flavor and vapor, then kick back and enjoy.

Best Vape Juice for Thanksgiving

Deep Fried Apple Pie

There are a few things that are synonymous with the all-day feasting and fun of Thanksgiving, like roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and apple pie. With the Deep-Fried Apple Pie vape juice by VaporFi, you don’t have to wait to the fall harvest to enjoy your favorite sweet treat. The flavors of sweet, flaky crust, tender apples dusted with cinnamon, and warm spices like nutmeg come together in this delicious blend, perfect for your after-dinner sweet treat on Thanksgiving or any other day of the year.

Best Vape Juice for Christmas

Spiked Eggnog

When it comes to eggnog, there are two types of eggnog-drinkers – the ones that prefer the sugar-sweet version that’s 100 percent kid-friendly, and the ones that prefer their drink with a little something extra. Our Spiked Eggnog vape juice is definitely for those that believe rum and eggnog should never be separated and is the perfect e-juice flavor to inject a little Christmas spirit into your daily vape session. Reserve it for vaping during the winter holidays or enjoy a little Christmas joy year-round with this unique flavor blend.

How to Create Your Own Custom Vape Juice Blends

VaporFi’s DIY e-juice tool is a fun, easy way to create custom vape juice blends to suit your fancy – the possibilities are truly endless, limited only by your imagination and creativity. Plenty of vapers have experiments with making their own juice blends at home, but that process can get messy and expensive. Instead, use our Custom Blend Tool and leave the dirty work up to us. First, you’ll choose up to three different flavors (organized by flavor category). Then, pick your ideal PG/VG ratio and your desired nicotine level. With just a few clicks, your custom-made vape juice blend will be on its way to you, ready to enjoy.

Common Vape Juice Terminology

There are a number of common vape juice terms that can be confusing to new and veteran vapers alike, making it challenging to find a juice blend that fits your vaping preferences. To help you wrap your mind around the unique language that’s sometimes used in the world of vaping, here’s a quick rundown of some of the most common e-liquid terminology:

PG: PG stands for Propylene Glycol, a compound found in all vape juices. It’s generally regarded as safe for human consumption. PG has a lot to do with the strength of juice flavor, and also impacts the feeling of a “throat hit” that provides a similar sensation to smoking a traditional cigarette.

VG: VG is an acronym that stands for Vegetable Glycerin, one of the primary components in e-juice. It’s considered a food-grade compound by the FDA, which means it’s safe for consumption. VG is directly related to the amount of vapor production and the smoothness of the vape.

Max VG: Vape juice with a VG level higher than 85 percent is referred to as a max-VG juice. You can expect max-VG juices to produce generous amounts of dense vapor.

Nicotine Salt: Nicotine salt is a label used for e-liquid made with nicotine in salt form, rather than traditional nicotine. It’s typically popular with vapers looking for a powerful nicotine hit.

Vape Juice, E-Juice, E-Liquid: All of these terms refer to the same thing: the liquid you utilize with your vaporizer device.

Steeping and Storing Your Vape Juice

You may think that choosing and buying a bottle of vape juice is all there is to it – but there’s actually a proper way to handle and store your juice, as well as methods for improving the flavor to your desired level. Learning about steeping and storing your e-juice will arm you with the knowledge you need to maximize the enjoyment you get out of your favorite vape juice, and potentially take your vape experience to the next level.

How to Steep Your Vape Juice

Steeping is a method used by many vapers to intensify the intended flavor of their chosen e-liquid. It might sound like a complicated process, but it actually just involves a few easy steps and a little patience. Generally, allowing your brand-new juice to sit for a short time will allow the flavor to properly develop. You can make the process more efficient by shaking the bottle vigorously and exposing it to the air for short periods of time. It’s up to you to determine the length of time you want to let it sit and develop, but many vapers have success with time periods of anywhere between a few days to a few months.

How to Store Your Vape Juice

Storing your vape juice properly is critical to preserving its overall integrity and the potency of its flavor. Air, light, and heat are generally considered the enemies of vape juice storage, so avoiding all three is a good place to start. Glass bottles stored in a dark, cool place is optimal for blocking light, heat, and air. Some vapers even store their juice in the fridge – just keep in mind this will slow down the steeping process. It’s also incredibly important to keep your e-juice out of reach of kids and pets, since the sweet-smelling liquid is often very tempting to drink and dangerous in large amounts.

10 Most Common Vape Juice Questions

We’ve rounded up 10 of the most commonly asked questions about vape juice, along with answers from the VaporFi experts. Here’s everything you need to know about the basics of e-liquid:

How can I choose a flavor I love?

As you might expect, flavors are a pretty subjective business – you might love one that your fellow vaper absolutely hates. If you have a major sweet tooth, try a few dessert-inspired juices. Or, if you’re a no-frills kind of vaper, you might want to stick with classic tobacco and menthol. Just keep your personal tastes in mind while shopping, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Should I choose a flavor blend or just a single flavor?

This one is entirely up to you! If you’re new to vaping – or just looking to expand your e-juice collection – we recommend grabbing a few different options to try. For your first batch of juice, try a mix of single flavors and blends, and experiment with juices from the dessert, fruit, and tobacco families. Once you get to know what you like, you’ll be able to establish your must-have juices.

How should I choose my nicotine level?

The best nicotine level for you depends largely on your prior smoking habit. If you were going through a pack or two a day, go for something between 18 and 36mg. Average smokers will find that a medium level fits their needs (6 – 18mg), while very light smokers may want to stick with something below 6 mg.

How long will it take me to go through one bottle?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, since your frequency, vaporizer device, and vaping style plays a major role. Serious vapers can go through as much as 100mL in a week or so, but you might find you use less – especially if don’t use a dripper. A good estimate for an average vaper is about 1-3 days for a small, 15mL bottle.

What’s the shelf life of my vape juice?

Storing your vape juice properly has a big impact. If you’re keeping your liquid in a dark, cold place (preferably glass bottles), you can enjoy like-new flavor for a year or more. If you don’t mind a slight change in flavor (depending on many factors), you can keep a bottle for up to two years.

Should I put my vape juice in the fridge?

Although refrigeration is excellent for extending the shelf life of your vape juice, it does have a marked effect on the steeping process. Take this into consideration when deciding when and if to put your e-liquid in the fridge. If you do go with fridge storage, it’s important that you ensure your e-juice won’t fall into the hands of children in your home.

If the color of my e-juice has changed, can I still use it?

A slight color change is usually a result of the steeping process, and completely safe. However, if you left your vape juice out in the sun or in a hot car, and you’ve noticed that the e-juice has turned very dark, you’ll have to cut your losses and toss it, just to be safe.

What are the main ingredients in vape juice?

There are actually just a few ingredients in e-juice, which surprises many new vapers. PG and VG are the two main compounds, in addition to the flavoring and any added nicotine.

What exactly is the difference between PG and VG?

VG is vegetable glycerin, while PG is propylene glycol. Both are considered generally safe for consumption and are integral compounds in vape juice. VG contributes to the level of flavor production, while PG relates to flavor intensity.

How can I choose the best vape juice for serious cloud production?

If you’re a cloud chaser, you’ll want to stick with a max-VG liquid (one that contains more than 80 percent VG). This will help you create some seriously impressive clouds. However, keep in mind that a very high VG level means a fairly low PG level, which will change the flavor experience.

Vape Juice Nicotine Strengths

For many vapers, their journey to vaping began with the desire to leave traditional cigarettes and smoking behind. However, because of the highly addictive nature of cigarettes, going cold turkey can often be a serious challenge. One of the specific compounds driving the craving for a cigarette is nicotine. Although nicotine has been demonized in popular media, it’s actually just an everyday stimulant that’s extremely similar to caffeine. When you think of it that way, a good vape session has a lot in common with your morning cup of joe.

In order to provide a viable method for leaving traditional cigarette smoking behind, vape juice manufacturers have provided the option to infuse your juice with nicotine. The amount of nicotine you choose is entirely up to you and is a very important part in making your e-juice selection. Finding the right nicotine strength can play a major support role in your journey to a smoke-free life, as well as allow you to enjoy a truly satisfying vape experience.

Nicotine levels are most commonly grouped into three broad categories:

  • Low (6mg and below): Generally a good fit for light smokers who smoked half a pack or less each day.
  • Medium (9mg – 16mg): An ideal place to start if you’re unsure, medium works well for average smokers who used between a half to one full pack per day.
  • High (18mg – 36mg): Can meet the requirements of former heavy chain smokers.

Most VaporFi vape juices offer a wide range of nicotine levels, with slightly varying levels depending on your chosen VG/PG level. A 0.0 percent nicotine level is absolutely nicotine free, while 0.3 percent (3mg) is typically considered “dripping level.” Our range goes up to 36mg, or 3.6 percent, for a generous helping of the natural compound.

Using the customizable nature of vape juice nicotine strength has become a very popular method for tapering down nicotine use. Many vapers have had great success in reducing their nicotine intake to zero, taking a slow, consistent approach.

For example, say you’re a former chain smoker that was accustomed to working your way through two packs of tobacco cigarettes a day. Smoking at the pace would have delivered a powerful flow of nicotine to your body, likely contributing to a pretty formidable addiction. If you wanted to reduce your dependence on nicotine, you could take a proactive approach by managing your intake via vape juice. You could start at a fairly high nicotine level (like 36mg or 3.6 percent). Then, with each new bottle of e-juice you purchase, you would move down one nicotine level. This would wean your body from the nicotine slowly, eventually making it easy to switch to a nicotine-free blend.

Of course, some vapers enjoy the added nicotine, and aren’t interested in eliminating their intake. Whatever your nicotine preference may be, VaporFi offers a graduated system of nicotine levels to allow you to choose your ideal amount.


When you’re ready to add a new vape juice to your collection, look no further than VaporFi. We carry a massive selection of the best flavors in the industry, carefully crafted to exceed your expectations of flavor quality and vapor production alike. Plus, our budget-friendly prices mean you won’t have to empty your wallet just to try a few new flavors. Sign up for Auto Delivery for the ultimate convenience or join our Blend of the Month Club for inside access to our top e-juices.

Grab an old favorite, add in a new-to-you flavor combination, and then dive in to the most flavorful vape experience you’ve ever enjoyed.