Issues with your vape pen can be annoying and frustrating, and spending your precious time trying to get problems resolved can be a major waste of your time. Keep reading for some helpful tips to getting things fixed in a timely manner, because oftentimes issues can be resolved simply without needing a support team.

Is the battery charged and cartomizer screwed on, but no vapor is coming out?

Often times this is the result of a collapsed center pin, which happens when your cartomizer is screwed on too tightly. When screwing the cartomizer on, gentle and firm is good; don’t apply too much pressure and over-tighten.

Got a clearomizer leaking from the bottom of the unit?

Different things can cause a clearomizer to leak. For example, being overfilled with liquid, having liquid poured into the wrong part of the center tube, and having a bad connection to the battery. If you take a hit and there is gurgling, the fix to the problem is quick. Blow through the clearomizer from the mouthpiece, using a paper towel to catch the liquid that will come out of the air tube.

The cartomizer is leaking, even though it is screwed on properly. The leak seems to be coming from within the glass portion of the unit.

In this case, it may very well be that the cartomizer is on its way out. Repeated use with it being too tight can cause this. It can also be from a crack in the glass due to pressure, or even from trauma during shipping. Replace it.

The cartomizer is filled but not functioning right; allows very little hit, barely any vapor comes out, and some liquid squirts out.

This is most likely a case of the cartomizer being over-filled and the excess liquid is causing the malfunction. You will need to clean the connection point of the battery, using a tissue and/ or q-tip. When there is no more liquid on the external parts, try taking a hit to see if it functions right.

Vaping troubleshooting is important, because many times 'big' problems are actually something that you can take care of on your own. Being able to fix a vaporizer problem yourself comes with the benefit of giving you a better understanding of how your device works internally, and it can give you a better view on how to get the best performance from it on a regular basis. The more you know, the better it goes!