Beginners Guide to Vaping - Where to Start

confused novice vaper Awww, you’re a sweet novice vaper, who has just broken away from the shackles of cigarettes and wants to learn how to start vaping! Wanting to save some money, experience the freedom of vaping, and try out the effects of that nicotine-laced vapor, you have decided to depart from the ordinary course of action! Impressed by the hi-tech look and feel of advanced vaporizers, tantalized by the promise of thousands of delectable flavor choices, and intrigued by the ever-so-slightly intimidating measures of e-liquid sound just so damn inviting, however. One little problem: you’re not sure where to start!

Don’t worry, we get it. We’ve actually all been in your naive little shoes before! Here’s what you should know when embarking to the cleaner, sweeter side of smoking. Hey, if we had a road map it would have been great, ya know?


These are advanced devices, but this does not mean beginners can’t use them, or that they are all super complicated. Where they differ from e-cigs is that they are larger, more powerful, and typically come with more settings you can customize to your own specs. Sure they look techy, but there are entry-level varieties, such as the VaporFi Pro, that are favorites among newbies!


You don’t need a degree in chemistry to work with e-liquids, just basic caution skills and you’ll be good (no touchy-touchy with your bare skin, okay?)! Figure out what level of nicotine your cigarettes are at (full-strength, lights, ultra-lights etc), and select the parallel level when purchasing liquids. Choose a flavor that resonates with your tastes, and feel free to experiment wildly with the vast variety before you!


This is where things get interesting. Here are some basic terms:

  • Atomizer: the mechanism that vaporizes the liquid into vapor. They don’t last long, you’ll most likely have to replace them.
  • Tanks: AKA Cartomizers, cartos - basically the part of the device that holds the liquid, often interchangeable between devices.
  • Tip: Mouthpieces.

For the uninitiated, purchasing a starter kit will hook you up with all the essentials you need, so there won’t be a serious need to delve way into the depths of the vaporizer world of accessorizing. If you’re up for it, and intrigued, knock yourself out! Otherwise, go slow and learn as you go.

Other Cool Tidbits:

Enjoy the ride! Vaping is essentially fun, so we suggest enjoying it all! It doesn’t have to be hard, and if you ever feel stuck, consider us your best friends who know all about the whole wide world of vaping; feel free to contact us with your questions, concerns, issues, frustrations, or uncontrollable exuberance. We get it, and we’re here for ya!