Your batteries are essentials to vaping; you aren’t going to get far without one! They are your power source (obviously) and they are the most important part of the vaping pen. Today, the e-cigarette market is loaded with all types of different batteries, but the one thing that all have in common is that they need to be taken care of properly to last any decent amount of time. Yes, batteries are entirely replaceable, but no one wants to be replacing them constantly. To ensure that your batteries are being treated right, and you are doing all that is humanly possible to make yours go the distance, here are some tips for battery safety.

How to Store Your Battery

There are a variety of things not to do with your battery. How you store it is actually important, and certain other outside factors can actually dwindle its lifespan! We get it; daily life happens. You get into the habit of vaping and out of the habit of babying your vaporizer. Who has time to baby their vaporizer, in reality? Well, you may want to consider some extra precautions if you want your battery to last a decent amount of time. Heat and moisture, even indirect moisture like humidity, can do a number on a battery’s performance so you need to be careful. Leaving it in the car, leaving it on a hot windowsill, leaving it out on your patio, and especially leaving it near anything magnetic are all bad ideas and can cause damage to them. It’s also important to remember to keep your battery away from children, orally fixated pets, and any type of place they may be subjected to precarious situations like falls and what not.

Your best bet is one of our handy e-cigarette storage cases; designed for ultimate protection. They were designed to handle your e-cig batteries, and protect them when they aren’t in use.

Charge It Like You Mean It

Don’t wait for your battery to drain out of power completely, or get to that undesirable 0% level. Charging your battery when it’s at a 50% capacity or higher, is actually better for your battery. This method is less stressful, and will allow the battery to regain power more quickly.

Cleanliness is Next to…

You have to keep your vape stick clean. Yes, they are designed to be well-functioning, and to not leak, or accumulate grime, but things happen as you may very well know. Sometimes a little liquid may end up someplace it shouldn’t, sometimes it’s the added buildup of gunk on your hands, and other times the culprit can be dust particles in the air and moisture; however your e-cig gets dirty; it happens. And that is why you should have a regular practice of tidying things up.

A paper towel and an old toothbrush can be used to easily brush off and wipe off the areas of your battery where it connects to the cartomizer, as well as on the exterior, which obviously gets the most exposure. It's a very little effort that can go a long way to keep your battery performing right.

So now that you know how to take care of your batteries right, we hope you do so! We want to see them last you a while, and now you have no excuse not to treat them properly! Use them right, store them right, keep them clean, and charge them before they get down to 0 capacity; there you have it! May you be blessed with exceptional performance!

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