Is your vaporizer leaking e-juice or flooding? This is a fairly common problem with modern nicotine delivery devices—even in the advanced vaping products like we sell here at VaporFi.

In fact, the occurrence of leaking, flooding, and gurgling e-juice in cartomizer tanks typically doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the vaporizer whatsoever, but rather it’s all about physics.

What causes vape tank gurgling?

VaporFi cartomizer tanks have a base, and attached to the base is an empty cylinder. The cylinder allows airflow, which is essential for getting a smooth and full-bodied draw. The heating coil is attached to the top of the cylinder with the wick strung through it. Lastly, above the coil and wick sits the liquid sheath, which protects the inside of the cylinder from getting nicotine liquid in it. (A lot of parts for such a small device, right?)

The idea is that the wick will soak up the e-juice and prevent excess liquid from dripping into the empty cylinder. Most of the time this works great. However, occasionally wicks get over-saturated or there is excess liquid in the coil area, creating the gurgling sound like the noise you get from sucking on a straw when you’re at the bottom of your cup.

To fix this problem, you need to remove the e-juice from the cylinder. However, since elements with the same viscosity like to stick together, it can be a pain to get all the liquid out from under the lip.

If this happens, one possible solution is to try blowing out the e-liquid with a reverse vape. Simply set your vaporizer on a paper towel and blow into the drip tip a few times. Turn it over and repeat this step until nothing comes out. Then let it sit on the paper towel overnight.

Preventing Vape Leaking & Flooding

If your cartomizer tank is leaking, then there are few things you can check. First and foremost, you want to make sure that the device’s o-rings aren’t broken or the parts aren’t threaded on too tightly, thus compressing the o-rings too much. All of VaporFi’s cartomizer tanks contain o-rings, which create an air-tight seal to prevent leaking of the cartomizer tank.

For some basic prevention and troubleshooting, check out this video from VaporFi covering some of the most common issues:

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