Need Answers? Vape Lounges are a Great Place to Get Informed!

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When someone is trying to find out information for any new hobby, some might say the best way to come across the information is by going to the source. Well, they couldn’t be more right in the case of the vaping industry. If you’re new to vaping or looking towards making the switch to vaping from smoking, there are places you can go. They’re called “vape lounges”. This might sound a little strange to some people, but it’s exactly what it sounds like. These are establishments where fellow vapers gather to hangout and talk about all the latest in vaping technology. I’ve spoken with a few people that feel awkward going into places like this. You shouldn’t be afraid to expand your horizons; I guarantee you will find whatever you’re looking for inside one of these establishments.

The advantage for you, as a new vaper, is that a large majority of the lounges are attached to a vape retailer. So if you’re wanting to find information on how to rebuild a dripping atomizer, they will talk you through everything. The best part about this is because if you’re truly a newbie, they will most likely sit you down and walk you through the rebuilding process with one of their own devices. I’ve even seen cases where they let you build on a floor model atomizer, just to make sure the device will work for you. The reason for this, is because anyone who has even the slightest bit of arthritis, or similar ailments to the hands, knows that working in small spaces can be very difficult. Ask them to show you all the available options for atomizers, because some of them have very different building surfaces, which could work better for some people than others.

If your questions include the types of e-liquids out there and what you should get; then this place will also come as an assistance to you. Not only do most vape lounges have samples of e-liquids you’re free to taste, most customers are more than willing to let you try something they have. It’s an amazing way to find custom flavors you might have never thought of trying. Not only is this your golden opportunity to try new flavors, it’s also a way to determine your preferred nicotine level, and PG/VG ratio. What is PG/VG? Well, that is a great question to have answered at a location such as these. In short, PG/VG are the liquid bases that carry your flavor and vapor production. When you enter these lounges, or watch YouTube, you will see there is a pretty even split of those who are “flavor chasers”, and those who are “cloud chasers”.

If you happen to still be using a year old, pen style, e-cigarette, don’t worry. Nobody here will judge you. Sure, they might try to motivate you to upgrade to the newest mech mod, or perhaps box mod; but that’s why you’re there in the first place. Ask about the advantages and disadvantages of mech mods and box mods, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of different points of view. This is actually a good thing; you can take everything other people have told you and go try out a couple of these devices. See if you agree, or might be able to add onto what they were describing. It’s an ever evolving industry, so there may not be a right or wrong answer generally, just what is right or wrong for you personally.

The most important area for you to be informed on is the overall vaping regulations, as well as your local regulations. That’s one of the most important factors to these establishments. There’s usually literature and pamphlets for you to take home to read; covering all the changes in the industry and how it might affect vapers as a whole. They can also hold meetings to discuss upcoming votes and regulations that are trying to get passed. This is when you really need to listen and pay attention to what’s going on in the industry. They might even have a petition of some sort for you to sign, in order to get the voice of vapers heard. Don’t be afraid to sign it. If you are in one of these establishments, or at least looking into the topic, it’s wise to voice your opinion. These establishments, individually, might not seem all that impressive or seem they’d be able to make a difference; but when you unite every single one of them across the country, that voice can be heard pretty loudly.

In all honesty though, if advocacy is not your thing, that is completely understandable. Networking may be, and is a primary reason these vape lounges were designed. Sure, you can make a network of new friends, but if you are making juices for yourself, this is a great way to get your juice out there in the public eye. This isn’t only limited to e-liquid manufacturers either. Many people design and make there own mods. Wouldn’t you like a little free advertising? Well, this can do that for you. Along with going to your local vape lounges, also check out your local vape supply retailers. They’re always carrying and promoting locally made items. It’s simply an option for you to utilize. Wouldn’t it be something if the fact a single connection made at a local vape lounge, launched you into the public eye; like many of the giants in the vaping world.

Which ever reason you decide to take advantage of these lounges for, there is always one unwritten rule to keep in mind. Leave the nonsense at the door.  These places were built for people to come to after work to get away from the problems of their everyday lives. If you can keep that in mind, these establishments can be a limitless source of valuable information for you. Spread the word by getting as many people you know that are vapers, or potential vapers; get them to go check out and eventually frequent these facilities. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forces in advertising, we all need to do our part.

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