E cigarettes have become increasingly popular as more and more people turn to them as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. There are countless vaporizers on the market for beginners and veteran vapers alike, and while they’re all a little different, the basic functionality is largely the same.

A vaporizer device is used to heat e-liquid (also called vape juice) until it converts into a vapor, which you are then able to inhale. You can choose from a variety of e-liquid flavors, ranging from classic tobacco to decadent desserts, and any custom combination you can dream of in between. Plus, you have the option to add different levels of nicotine to your e-juice, or none at all!

You may be an experienced vaper who already knows all this, or perhaps you’ve just started considering making the switch to vaping. Whatever the case, learning more about the ins and outs of vaping can help improve your overall experience. If you’re using (or considering using) an e-cig, understanding how to works can make it easier to troubleshoot should something go wrong.

Here is some basic information on how vaporizers are made and how e-cigs work, to help you learn more about the technology behind the cloud:
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The Parts of an E Cig

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Generally e-cigarettes/vaporizers have four main parts:

make of the kanger top evod kit
The Kanger Top Evod is a classically constructed electronic cigarette

There are a few different assembly methods, depending on the overall features of the vaporizer. However, you can count of the mouthpiece being located on the end of the device, where you can easily inhale the vapor. The atomizer will be placed in a location that allows contact with the tank (also called a cartomizer.) Battery location can vary, depending largely on the make and model you’re using. The device will also have a power button, in order to activate it. Depending on the device, that button may also be used to control the flow of vapor, or the flow could be automatic, like a traditional cigarette.

Another important component to the vaporizer set-up is e-juice, the liquid that will be transformed into the flavored vapor you inhale and exhale. E-juice generally contains just a few ingredients, which is very different from cigarettes, which typically has hundreds of ingredients.

How does an e cigarette work?

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Although the concept of an e-cigarette may seem technologically advanced, it’s actually a fairly simple piece of machinery. The process for converting the e-liquid to vapor form does involve a bit of science but the overall explanation of how e cigs work is straightforward.

First, the device’s battery powers an electrical current when it is turned on, which travels to a wicking material that’s surrounding a metal coil. The wicking materials is soaked in e-liquid of the user’s choosing. When the current arrives at the metal coil, it begins to generate heat. One way to think of it is to imagine the large coil on an electric stove, slowly heating up to a maximum temperature.

As the coil heats, so does the liquid that’s contained in the wicking material. The liquid eventually reaches the temperature at which is converts to a vapor. Finally, this vapor is inhaled through the device’s mouthpiece. The vapor continues to generate either until the liquid has been depleted or the device is powered off.

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What are the different types of e-cigarettes?

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When it comes to makes and models, you have a nearly endless selection of vaporizers. The vaping industry has made incredible use of technology to create devices that provide the user with a full range of customization options.

In general, e-cigarettes are most easily categorized according to the device’s simplicity, how flexible it is, and its capacity. One of the most common categorizations for vaporizers is an open system versus a closed system:

  • Open system devices allow extensive modification, so the vaper can switch out parts, rebuild certain components, and thoroughly customize the device to their liking. This allows a very specific level of calibration and is often a popular choice for experienced vapers.
  • Closed system devices do not allow a lot of modification, because the coil, battery and e-liquid chamber are completely self-contained. While the vaper has control over their e-liquid (by switching out the cartridges according to their preference), there’s not a way to modify the device as a whole. A closed system device is generally a good option for beginners.

How can I learn more about e-cigarettes?

If you’re interested in vaping, we have plenty of information available in our guide to vaping to help you make your decision. At VaporFi, our professional team is always more than happy to answer your vaping questions, so feel free to contact us anytime.

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