As with every new SMOK device, we here at VaporFi are excited to be first in line to rate and review the products, and share with our vapers what we love. The brand new SMOK Devilkin 225W TC Vape Starter Kit is no exception, especially when paired with the formidable TFV12 Prince Tank. If you have been searching for a life-changing, crowd-pleasing personal vaporizer, you will absolutely love what this device has in store. Let’s lay it all out.

Product Review of the SMOK Devilkin 225W TC Vape Starter Kit w:TFV12 Prince Tank
SMOK Devilkin 225W TC Vape Starter Kit

Manufacturing Quality

By this point, there should be no doubt in your mind that SMOK builds some of the most durable devices on the market. Straight out of the box you can feel the hefty weight of this device. You will notice that it has been nicely contoured to fit in your hand without slipping. The new inlay on the backside features a creative snake-scale pattern that looks good and accents the rest of the device well. SMOK has mastered screen bezels and battery doors, so we don’t see any signs of those being damaged through normal wear and tear. Overall, the manufacturing quality is in line with all of SMOK’s other high end vaping products.

Flavor Quality

This starter kit specifically comes with the TFV12 Prince Tank for a reason. This is absolutely one of the most desirable tanks on the market today, and there are dozens of reviews praising it for its cloud production and flavor. When sitting atop the new Devilkin kit, it performs admirably to provide you with full, perfectly layered flavors. In fact, it produces such dense vapor that it would be nearly impossible to miss the nuance that goes into a well-balanced flavor.

Smok TFV12 Prince Sub Ohm Vape Tank
The Smok TFV12 Prince Sub Ohm Vape Tank


Power is an interesting topic with the Devilkin. On the one hand, you’ll note that this is only a 225W device, which it shares with last year’s ProColor. Thus, you may be wondering why SMOK would bother to release two separate devices that have roughly the same specs? Well, it could have something to do with how that power is produced. The Devilkin happens to be a series device, while the ProColor was a parallel device. If you have mastered the art and science of vaping, you may have a preference one way or the other, although newbies might have a hard time catching the differences. Ultimately, it changes the demand on your batteries and may produce a more consistent power rating when you have things turned up.

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Flexibility is really where SMOK shines. The Devilkin shares much in common with 2017’s ProColor in this regard. This device has a lot of range, going from 200-600° in temperature control mode, and all the way up to 225W in wattage mode. The biggest difference is this year’s precision memory modes, which allow you to really focus in on the perfect vaping configuration and store it for later. The temperature control settings have become more refined with this generation of vaporizers, so you can really take advantage of the different vaping qualities of various coil materials. This is the perfect device for you if you want to be able to move from a mellow baked goods flavor to a super intense menthol in a heartbeat. With the TFV12 in tow, the flexibility is even more pronounced. This device and tank can be configured in just about any way you can think up, and you will still get profound results. If flexibility is what you need, this is where it’s at.

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Ease of Use

Another area where SMOK really shines. They have done a great job of making their menus intuitive so that you can float through setup in one easy session right out of the box. As you need to make adjustments, you can quickly navigate through the menus, glide your power up and down, and enjoy the results. Of course, another important aspect of ease of use is how the device feels in your hand when you hit the fire button. The slightly revised body lines of this device are an upgrade from the ProColor for those who wanted a more comfortable grip. Your fingers wrap perfectly around the front and rest naturally on the firing button for easy vaping. The box doesn’t feel too heavy in hand, and since they stuck to the 2-battery design, you won’t feel like it’s bulging out of your grip. We give it an A for ease of use.


As with all very large and powerful box mods, portability can be a bit of a struggle. This is not exactly a backpack-friendly toy to carry with you, but the extended range of the battery and tank do give you the idea that it’s meant for long range travel. It’s really all about what kind of travel you plan on doing. It’s certainly smaller and more convenient than some of the gigantic 3-battery and 300W devices on the market today, but it’s not nearly as portable as the Minis. It’s somewhere in the middle with just the right balance of power and functionality to make it worthwhile to consider carrying with you everywhere you go. SMOK Devilkin 225W TC Vape Starter Kit w/TFV12 Prince Tank

Overall Impression

Ultimately, we really like what we see in the SMOK Devilkin 225W TC Vape Starter Kit, especially with the TFV12 Prince on top. For those who have been a fan of SMOK for a while, you’ll be happy to know that this device is a worthy replacement for the Alien, which is on its way out next year. There is plenty to love about the unique aesthetics of this device, and you won’t be disappointed by its performance either. After years and years of expansion, it seems that SMOK has really mastered their temperature control systems with this box mod, and setting it up with their most powerful tank just drives the point home that much harder. If you’re ready for a next-gen SMOK device, the Devilkin is the one you need.

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