Here at VaporFi, we take customer service very seriously. We keep our ears open, listening to what our customers want and need from a vapor company. That’s why we’ve been gathering data from shoppers across the nation to discover which flavors are most popular across the country.

The map of the United States above illustrates the best-selling vape juice flavor in your state. As many might guess, there are plenty of good tobacco and menthol flavors that have come out on top, but there are also a few surprises across the map. We created this map using sales data across all flavors, state by state.

The US of Vape: Juice Flavor Popularity By State - VaporFi
The US of Vape: Juice Flavor Popularity By State – VaporFi

Here’s what we found:

Big Winners

It should come as no surprise that the big winners on this map are Classic Tobacco and a couple of menthol varieties. We can largely attribute this to the role that vapor plays in helping people stop smoking.

Since many people find the transition to vapor easier if they choose a flavor that closely resembles their favorite cigarettes, tobacco and menthol flavors continue to perform well across the board. There were only a handful of states that fell outside of these few flavors, and some of them may surprise you.

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Regional Picks

  1. Looking on the map, we immediately notice that Classic Tobacco is the top performer in many states. In particular, the Northeast corner of the U.S. loves this original flavor.
  2. Toward the middle of the country there is some tendency toward a warmer Sahara Gold tobacco flavor instead.
  3. The next big winners are Mighty Menthol and Menthol Freeze. While these flavors share the same basic menthol concept, Menthol Freeze performs especially well in the South and the Midwest, with only a few states choosing the slightly sweeter Mighty Menthol flavor.

The Odd Bunch

Aside from the very obvious top picks that stood out regionally and nationally, there are a handful of oddities that might have you scratching your head.


Alaska’s top pick is Berries N Cream. While this is a pretty popular combination nationwide, part of the reason it stands out on the map is that we often think of Alaska as rugged territory, not really a fruity, berries-and-cream area. There are few indicators of why this particular flavor performs so well in the state. It’s possible the population of vapers is smaller in Alaska, meaning its data could be more easily skewed toward one flavor or another.


A much less unexpected twist is Hawaii’s favoring of Island Frost. Maybe it’s the large number of tourists swarming to Hawaii year round, but this flavor features plenty of tropical flavors along with a strong, icy menthol kick that is sure to cool you off. If you could choose a vape flavor that embodies the idea of Hawaii, this would be it in a bottle. And the locals and tourists seem to have caught on.

Mixin’ it up in the Midwest

At VaporFi, we’re fans of mixing things up and four states know how to do just that. In Indiana, Blue Razzle Berry vape juice is the standout flavor. The raspberry and blueberry candy flavor surprisingly outperforms all others in the state. Missouri and Montana also have distinctive flavors as their top performers. The Show Me State gives Holy Cow! Condensed Milk their vote, while Montana runs on Red Hot Cinnamon.

On the one hand, cinnamon is already a fairly popular flavor for gum and other edibles, so it’s not totally unusual. However, the popularity of the milk flavor in Missouri is probably the most unusual thing on the whole map. Plenty of people love this flavor for its versatility and the ability to mix it into tons of other great flavors to create milkshakes, cereal with milk flavors, and more. Who would have guessed that vapers in the heart of Missouri would be this flavor’s champion?

Fun with Fruit Vape Juice by State - VaporFi

Fun with Fruit

With so many fruit-flavored e-liquid options, it really makes a point when a single flavor emerges above the masses as the juice of choice. Oregon’s go-to is the Candy Appletini. This flirty sweet cocktail definitely deserves some love and seems right at home in the Pacific Northwest.

Virginia and Wyoming favor Blueberry Cheesecake and Berry Bash, respectively, again calling on the berries to do the heavy lifting. If anything, this says a lot about how good we’ve gotten at replicating authentic berry flavors. Who wouldn’t love a rich New York cheesecake topped with a syrupy blueberry swirl?


As expected, tobacco and menthol are the most popular vape flavors in the U.S. Right now, there are numerous tobacco and menthol varieties that are performing well across the board. We expect these two flavor categories to remain on top for a long time to come as more and more smokers switch to vaping. These familiar flavor profiles play an important part in making the transition from smoke to vape.

Although tobacco and menthol flavors are still king, they aren’t all that vapers want. There are plenty of fun, distinctive flavors that are doing well across the U.S., sometimes in the places you’d least expect it.

Beyond The Map

Looking beyond what the flavor map shows us about vaping habits, there are some additional insights that aren’t displayed on the map. For instance, we did not include any of the data collected about our Create Your Own Flavor tool, nor did we note the differences between cartridge products and e-liquid bottles.

Cartridges Continue to Be Used

While the flavors may be the same, it is worthwhile to note that in some states cartridges are still outperforming all other vapor products. This product is typically used by people who are new vapers just getting started with simple vaporizers and cig-a-like products. Based on our data, this trend doesn’t preclude states that are known for being tech-forward.

The fact that tobacco flavors remain popular even after people switch away from cartridges shows that they are advancing their skills but staying with familiar flavors as they learn, carrying the tobacco and menthol forward.

Most Vapers Like to Make Their Own Flavors - VaporFi

Most Vapers Like to Make Their Own Flavors

Behind the scenes, we discovered juices made from the Create Your Own tool are actually the top-selling category in more than 50 percent of all states. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to categorize these unique, personalized concoctions. Certainly some of the Create Your Own flavors are simply tobacco variants that are personalized with stronger tobacco flavors or other minor changes, but many of these creations are fully customized top to bottom.

make your own vape juice flavor

We have seen a small number of these unique flavors submitted to our Create Your Own contests, and we have been excited to share the winners with our fans. However, there are thousands and thousands of combinations that we don’t offer pre-made that you may already be enjoying on your own.

Looking at the big picture, what does this mean about the vapor industry? It means that lots of people are taking advantage of the added personalization that vapor has to offer. It is very hard to create your own e cig flavor, because there are a limited number of products on the market for doing so. By contrast, there are more than 30,000 mix-and-match options available on the VaporFi site alone.

Both sides of the story are valuable. We can see that people across the country are starting out with tobacco and menthol flavors that come pre-mixed and then graduate to creating their own flavor mixes once they are comfortable with vaping long term.

Think It. Mix It. Vape It.

At VaporFi we are proud to know that so many of our fans are effectively using the Create Your Own feature to make their own juices to fit their lifestyle. We feel that this feature can help people stop smoking even more effectively than pre-mixed juices because they help stave off your specific cravings and give you something else to focus on that you’ll love. This is a huge win for vapers everywhere!

We hope that this information is as insightful to you as it is to us. It shows us where our strengths are and what vapers love most about our service. It also makes us want to learn more about why some states prefer such interesting flavors.

Our customers have access to the best flavors in the industry, and this data shows us that there is still a strong need for great, authentic tobacco flavors in the marketplace as well as more menthol options. As a new vaper, this map may offer you some reassurance that you’re not alone, even if you decide to stick with a classic tobacco flavor for a while.

Vape Juice User Data & Research Infographic
Check out the latest data on vape juice user preferences

Making the switch to vape can be very challenging and highly personal. Having the option to choose from a number of tobacco and menthol flavors may be what you need to take the first step along that path, but you may later discover that you want to boost your tobacco flavor with something that will make it just right for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about the VaporFi collection of e-liquids, we invite you to check out our extensive menu. Not only do we offer a huge array of popular flavors ranging from traditional tobacco and menthol to candy, desserts and beverages, we also have a great selection of premium Grand Reserve liquids which offer a more complex flavor profile that unfolds with every vape. In addition, we have worked with our friends at Cosmic Fog to create some truly wonderful collector’s vapes that you’re sure to enjoy.

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