Yes, you've heard it all, but do you actually understand it all? Vaping culture and lingo rocks, and while it may be a little confusing to the newbies out there, all it takes is a little time before you're throwing ohm’s, eGo’s, specs and configurations around with the best of them. It’s a techy culture and vapers, especially hardcore vapers, are quite detailed about the specifics! With an onslaught of numbers, models, accessories, connection types, and vape debates, it can really be foreign if you're new to the scene and stumbling upon a conversation. If you're in the dark about this peculiar slanguage, here’s a vape dictionary to keep your vocab up to date!

If you’re in the dark about this peculiar slanguage, here’s a glossary to keep your vocab up to date!

510: The most common type of connection on advanced vaporizers where tanks get screwed in.

Atty / Atomizer: The part of the device responsible for heating and vaporizing the liquid nicotine. They are replaceable with a short shelf life, so keep extras with you always.

APV / PV:Advanced Personal Vaporizer” or “Personal Vaporizer,” these are the correct current terms for advanced vaping devices.

Carto / Cartomizer: A hybrid of a cartridge and an atomizer, designed into one piece for holding liquid and vaporizing it.

Cig-Alike: Basic e-cigs that resemble traditional cigarettes; entry level types such as the Express.

Dripping: A method of vaping that uses a mouthpiece called a drip tip. It causes the e-liquid to drip directly onto the atomizer, or heating coil. It is a preferred method among many because it produces amazing flavor and throat hits.

Drip Tips: Mouthpieces designed for dripping.

eGo: Generic, general name for vaporizers. You know an eGo vape when you see one; larger than cig-alikes, they make no effort attempting to be cigarettes.

Head / Wick / Coil: These terms get tossed around A LOT and are used interchangeably. They are replaceable atomizer heads.

MAH: Milliamps per hour. The unit of measure for the power of APV batteries.

Mods: Typically a vaporizer that is on the larger side, requiring a larger battery, resembling flashlights. They enable you to do as much modification as you like.

Pass Through: Vaporizers that are designed with a passthrough charging cord; they can be used during charging.

RBA: Rebuildable atomizer. Extremely advanced vaping systems, and the fun part is you get to build them yourself. Not for beginners!

Tank: The versatile, replaceable compartment where e-liquid is held.